Become A Bounty Hunter In Red Dead Online For Free

Have you been interested in trying out the Roles on offer in Red Dead Online since the release of Frontier Pursuits, but the price has been keeping you away?

This week is your chance to jump into a fun nonetheless and take advantage of a number of other bonuses as well while you're at it.

All Red Dead Online players who log into the game anytime through the 10th of February will get a Bounty Hunter's Kit. This Kit includes the Bounty Hunter License itself, which is what unlocks this Role for your character. 25 Bolas and 25 Tracking Arrows are also included in the kit. You can grab the License from any bounty board, while the ammo is to be retrieved from your Camp Lockbox or Post Office.

While the legendary bounties are over, chances are that Rockstar will revisit the concept later allowing you to get even more mileage out of your license!

There are also discounts on offer for stables and horses in case you are in need of a steed, or someplace to store it. Stable Slots are all 25% off this week, allowing you to expand your roster of Horses. Speaking of Horses, select breeds are 40% off through the 10th of February as well.

These include the Breton, Kladruber, Criollo, and Norfolk Roadster Horses with select Coats, so pick them up while they're cheap! A couple of Emotes, including the I'm Watching You, Hat Tipping, Look To Distance and Hangover are all 40% off too.

If you are playing Red Dead Online and have a PlayStation Plus membership on your account, you can expect some additional bonuses. These include 3 Mash refills for your Moonshiners brewery and 3 Trader resupplies to be used at your camp. Twitch Prime members, on the other hand, get free Collector Bags and Polished Copper Stil Upgrades, so make sure to claim everything you are eligible for!

Aron Gerencser
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