Rockstar Hints At Red Dead Online Content To Come

While we already knew that Roles are the direction Rockstar is planning to push Red Dead Online into, we now have a few more details regarding what the future of the game will look like. Specifics are still sparse, but a rough idea is clear - and it's quite similar to what happened to GTA Online.

Red Dead Online: Moonshiners Now Available

In a recent interview with Polygon, Katie Pica, lead online production associate at Rockstar and Tarek Hamad, associate online producer at Rockstar, spoke about the design process behind Moonshiners as well as the plans the development team has for future Red Dead Online DLC.

Rockstar Hints At Red Dead Online Content To Come

Moonshiners resonated with fans a great deal, partially due to giving them the chance to realize a popular Wild West fantasy. Running your own questionably legal saloon with your buddies is something almost everyone can agree is a fun time. Moonshiners lets you manage your business, drink with your virtual friends and play various instruments to entertain other players or NPC patrons.

These seem like mundane things when compared to other activities players can perform in Red Dead Online, like robbing trains or getting into heated shootouts - however, it's precisely these mundane yet entertaining activities most players are drawn to. The lessons learned from the colossal success of GTA Online combined with these trends inform the future plans Rockstar is drafting for Red Dead Online DLC.

Rockstar Hints At Red Dead Online Content To Come

As usual, we didn't get any specifics in the interview. Rockstar always keeps details on lockdown until the last moment. However, we know what general direction DLC will take - more Roles, further content for existing Roles, and a focus on player-owned properties and businesses.

We can only speculate in what manner these will manifest. Will players be able to run general stores? Manage farms? Own their own ranch? Perhaps Bounty Hunters will be allowed to "upgrade" to actual lawmen if their honor is high and manage their own prison. Only time will tell!

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