Fear Of The Dark Brings Halloween To Red Dead Online

The spookiest holiday of the year is upon us and every game out there is keen on reminding us of that with in-game events. Red Dead Online is no different, with an all-new game mode dedicated to Halloween. There's also the usual weekly Legendary Bounty, as well as the bonuses and discounts you've come to expect.

Fear of the Dark is the newest mode and the name alone should be enough to tell you that this is no joyride. Available for a limited time only, this mode pits the supernatural Night Stalkers against the stalwart Hunters. Night Stalkers are your standard slasher movie villain fare, with enhanced abilities giving them an advantage over the Hunters - as long as their Skull Masks remain intact. The Hunters can weaken the Stalkers while gaining boosts themselves by collecting the Skull Masks.

The aim of the game, if it isn't clear, is to kill off the other team. Hunters also need to collect all the Skull Masks to achieve victory, whereas the Stalkers can win simply by outliving the timer if they don't manage to kill off al the Hunters. The new mode is offering 3X Gold and 2x RDO$ through the 3rd of November, giving you even more reason to delve into Fear of the Dark! By winning a round, you can also unlock an exclusive tint for the Freak Mask.

For a more conventional opponent, you can also take down this week's Legendary Bounty. Tobin Winfield is a corrupt politician who has been pocketing the money of the public for years before being discovered and forced into hiding. Now, you have the chance to deal justice to this crook hiding at, aptly, Thieves' Landing.

Collectors can also embark on a quest to find some unique collectibles for Madam Nazar this week. The 1792 Quarter, Old Tom Gin and Aubrey Onyx Ring come together to form the Veteran's Collection, and can be sold off for a high reward.

The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue has updated its stock, adding the all new Thacker Hat, Tobacco Hat, Torranca Coat, Manstilla Poncho, Creswell Skirt, Sierra Boots and Pickett Boots to the game, allowing you to further customize your character's appearance. To top it off, all Cleavers, Machetes, Tomahawks and Throwing Knives are 30% off this week to help you realize all your Slasher fantasies.

Don't forget that last week's promotions for unlocking all kinds of special masks are still active!

Aron Gerencser
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