Red Dead Online Update Adds Evans Repeater, Fool's Gold Mode

Red Dead Online is following in GTA Online's footsteps with its weekly content updates that attempt to keep the game fresh and engaging by adding new content every Tuesday. Following last week's major update which... didn't go over too well, Rockstar is at it again with a new weapon and free roam event.

Both of these additions were teased previously, as part of the big end-of-February update, but when that DLC actually dropped it was missing much of what was announced.

It's now clear that a large chunk of teased content will be released later down the line as drip-feed DLC.

Players of Red Dead Redemption will recognize the Evans Repeater, a rifle which was featured in the previous game but not the single player portion of Red Dead Redemption 2. This mid-to-long range repeater is deadly and has a high ammo capacity, allowing you to get off enough shots to score kills before having to reload (if your aim is true). The customizability and high rate of fire also make it a formidable weapon.

Fool's Gold is the newest free roam event, a game-mode that takes place in the open world and that you can easily hop into for a short spurt of structured PvP. As detailed previously, you score kills while wearing the golden armor, which also makes you more resilient. Other players will try to kill you and claim the armor in order to score points of their own.

Besides earning gold and XP, free roam events like Fool's Gold will let you complete combat challenges without resorting to griefing, which is a big plus for everyone. Keep an eye out for the in-game prompt to play, and remember that when you opt-in, you'll be transported to the location automatically.

In order to show their appreciation towards players, Rockstar has also added a temporary care package which every player can redeem once during this week. You can pick up the package at either a post office or your camp (if you have the necessary upgrade), and contains some consumables and supplies that should help you out, such as ammo, arrows and horse medicine.

An additional bonus awaits players who successfully complete a total of 5 challenges anytime between now and the 11th of March. If you meet the requirements, you can expect to be rewarded with a Special Spinner next week. This unique lure can attract all sizes of fish and won't be lost if you cut the fishing line.

Stay tuned for more Red Dead Online Beta news.

Aron Gerencser
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