Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs

Ghost Sighting

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
This creepy easter egg can be found north of Lagras just below the letter L in Bluewater Marsh on the map. When you get there at night, you'll hear the voice of the lady ghost and your horse will become uneasy and might buck you off. You can see the ghost with a binoculars from afar.

Approaching the ghost will make it disappear though. After several encounters of this ghost, Arthur will note it on his journal.

Find The "kkk Clan" In Rdr2 - All Locations

Ghost Train

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Another creepy easter egg can be found in northwest of Lemoyne territory south of the Old Greenbank Mill, right next to the Lemoyne sign by the railway. Start waiting here with your horse by 3am in game time. If the sun starts to rise, let Arthur sleep and wait for the next evening. If your horse starts getting whinny, then the ghost train is about to appear.

Giant Snake

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
A giant snake can be found near Kamassa River in Lemoyne territory near the letter O on the map. Here you can find a large orange snake hanging on a tree which is believed to be a reference to Kaa the snake in The Jungle Book animation movie from Walt Disney Pictures. The giant snake does not move at all and seems to be devoid of any interaction whatsoever.

Gorilla Statue

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
This easter egg can be found at at creek at Big Valley northeast of the letter T on the map. You can find a gorilla statue inside a broken wooden box near the overpassing railroad track which probably fell off from a passing train.

Hidden Stash of Money

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Near Drewberry Creek at Lemoyne (just above the letter E on the map), there is a ruined house with a basement with a stash of gold hidden at the wall. You may need to use Eagle Eye to find the part of the wall that hides the stash of money worth $50.

Hunting The Vampire In Saint Denis

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Hunting down the vampire in Saint Denis is not triggered in any way like stranger side missions. In order to track him down, first you need to find five writings on walls on various places in the city and inspect them so Arthur writes them on his journal. Here are their locations:

  1. Right above the letter N of "Denis" on the map, at the intersection with a building on the right side, you can see a white writing at the wall between two white doors of the building
  2. Across the street where the Trapper is, beside the main entrance to the market is a metal door that you can pass through, you can see red text on the wall left of you just after you enter the gate
  3. Another white writing is on the wall behind the butcher shop and the general store. To easily find it, just go through the general store and turn right to see the white writing on the wall nearby
  4. The next two are pretty close to each other but a little bit hard to find. Try to go at the back of the gunsmith shop and when you see a building with a big red painted ad "Sally Cola" and a signboard "The Majestic Tailors", there is an alleyway you can go through. Go through this alleyway and turn right into this garden area. Then go into the overhanging archway on your left and you will see the red writing just when you take an immediate left turn at the corner, right above a chair and a crate
  5. On that same alleyway, instead of turning right, go straight forward into another archway and pass through another garden area. Take the stairs up and then turn right and look on your left just after you go down a set of stairs stairs, you will see the last red writing on the wall. Another way to this area is to take the road where the gunsmith is and go through the alley with a sign on the archway that says "Liu Hsiang Electric Work" with some Chinese signboards. Go through the archway straight forward and before going up the stairs mentioned earlier, you can find the red writing on the wall to your right

After finding all the writings, Arthur will draw a sort of like a star map on his journal connecting all the locations points where you found the writings, creating a black "X" on your map. After that, wait until night time at around 12 midnight to find the vampire on that location. Just go through a dark alleyway northwest of the general store.

Here you will trigger the scene with the vampire feeding on the blood of a city resident, claiming that he walks with the undead. If you approach him and keep talking to him, he will start attacking you. If you kill him, you can loot his body for Bat Wings and you can also get a rare melee weapon, the Ornate Dagger.

Jesuit Missionary Corpse

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
At the very southwest of the map, west of letter N in New Austin just beside the Sea of Coronado, you can find a corpse of a Jesuit Missionary who died approximately a hundred years ago. You need to climb the ledges to find the corpse. Upon inspecting the area you will find a letter from Cardinal Blanco to Brother Rodolfo, dated November 24, 1797. It is implied that the corpse belongs to Brother Rodolfo, who did not listen to Cardinal Blanco's advice to him in the letter. Arthur will also sketch the corpse with the following text:

Found a poor man from a long time ago. Chilled me for some reason.

Letter to Bonnie MacFarlane

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
This easter egg is related to Bonnie MacFarlane, a supporting character from the original Red Dead Redemption game.

Head over to the south of Latneck Station on the map in New Hanover near the shore. There you can find two chests near a corpse. The larger chest contains Guarma Rum, 5x Shotgun Shells - Regular, 4x Chewing Tobacco, and some money (the amount varies from $11 to $13). The smaller one contains Silver Pocket Watch and a Gin.

When you inspect the corpse, it will move revealing it is still alive, only to give you a letter and then pass out again.

The letter read as follows:

Dear Miss MacFarlane,

I'm sorry. I said it. I'm sorry. You're right. I do let things get out of control in my head. I always have. I see that but I lvoe you. We are meant to be together. It is our destiny. I know it is. I saw us in a dream, raising kids. You were happy as my wife and I was proud to be your husband. Dreams don't lie and neither do I.

I'm heading off to make my fortune and when I come back a rich man, you'll see what a fine husband I will make you, and a father to our children. And no, I won't grow up. On that subject you're wrong. I've got so many things to say to you. I'm going to continue with the writing of this letter later, but believe me when I say, we are destined for a long, happy life together. Even your father will come to believe it and accept me, no matter how humble my birth.

The man turns out to be Bonnie MacFarlane's ex-husband which is why she always had problems with other men and she never settled down until 1914 after John Marston's death.

Locked Boy in the Gunsmith Basement

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
At Rhodes, if you check the right side of the Gunsmith shop, a boy dressed in sailor suit locked in the basement will plead for help. After interacting with the boy, you can now enter the shop and hold the gunsmith at gunpoint to force him to open up the basement.

Once at the basement, you'll find the boy dressed up in sailor suit and chained to the wall. Shoot the chains to free up the boy and before he leaves, the gunsmith will break down and ask for forgiveness. He will narrate that he only did it because he can't accept the death of his son and the boy looked a lot him. His son died while the gunsmith was teaching him how to hold a rifle properly. When he tried to shoot with the rifle, the recoil shot him back to the river and he drowned.

After the scene, you can loot the basement and the shop or even kill the gunsmith without worrying about bounty. You'll get Lancaster Repeater from a chest along with other items.

Location of Ned Luke’s Character

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Ned Luke is the motion capture and voice actor of Michael De Santa, one of the protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. A fan was quick to spot Ned Luke's name in the credits section of the game's ending and when asked on Twitter, Ned Luke reveals that he did the motion capture and provided the voice of one of the NPCs in Red Dead Redemption 2, but later the game developers decided to strip his voice.

To locate Ned Luke's character in the game, head to the area in Bayou Nwa near Kamassa River. You will see two guys with a tent near the swamps. It is believed that the guy sitting is Ned Luke's character as the way he sits is very similar to Michael De Santa in GTA V.

Locked Crazy Woman / Braithwaite’s Secret

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Near the shoreline southwest of Braithwaite Manor, there is a small outhouse that is chain locked with a crazy woman inside. After inspecting the woman inside, Arthur will add this to his journal as well.

The crazy woman was one of the two daughters of the Braithwaites. Being hideous-looking, she was locked away and it took a toll on her mentally.

Going back to this location after Chapter 6 will reveal that the crazy woman is already dead, with her skeleton left inside the outhouse.

Mammoth Skeleton

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Another fossil sighting can be found at the northwestern part of Ambarino near Deadboot Creek, this time from what seems to be a Mammoth. Upon inspection, Arthur will add this to his journal.

Manmade Mutant

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
This easter egg can be located in an old abandoned house east of Van Horn Trading post. The only way to get inside the house is through climbing a wagon on the right side of the house then onto the roof and then enter through the window on the second floor of the house. You can only go inside this part of the house, the rest of the house is inaccessible.

Once inside you can find a weird hideous creature that seems to be artificially created by putting several animal parts together. Checking the notes scattered around reveals it is an experiment that may have gone wrong.

Checking the drawers and cabinets will net you a Pocket Watch, Potent Snake Oils, Predator Bait, and Potent Health Cure.

Meditating Monk

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
On top of one of mountains of Grizzlies East just under the letters G and R on the map, you can find a meditating monk. You can interact with it but he will just glance back at you and not speak at all, like he has taken a vow of silence. Doing anything hostile will scare him away. You can lasso him and rob him for a measly $0.57. Arthur will also sketch the meditating monk on his journal.

Meteor House

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
You can find this easter egg just a bit north of the Viking Tomb location (above the letter E on the map). You'll find a broken house close to a cliff. Inside the house is a pretty graphic scene where you can find a couple of corpses and a giant hole on the ground containing a Meteorite which seems to have struck the house and killed everyone inside it.

Carrying the Meteorite in your inventory will give Arthur 10% resistance from hot environments. Other than that, you can sell it for $30. You can also find Mallie Langiry collectible cigarette card on a desk here as well as a Fine Brandy on a crate.

If you climb the house and inspect the roof, the Meteor House will be added to Arthur's journal. If you go to the field directly west of the house at around 2am in game time, you can witness a meteor shower in the sky which is probably what brought the Meteorite crashing down into the house in the first place.

You can also find a large meteorite crater just a bit north of that location. Inspecting this area will make Arthur sketch this to his journal.

Mutated Hillbilly Curse

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
If you head to Butcher's Creek northwest of Van Horn Trading Post, you will see a town full of mutated or deformed people. One of the more interesting person here is the guy playing a banjo. Aside from that the rest of the village people are all deformed.

In order to solve the mystery of the mutated hillbilly town, you must return here in Chapter 5 after the main mission "Fleeting Joy" and trigger the side mission "The Wisdom of The Elders". To do so, inspect the area under the railway bridge south of Butcher's Creek and directly west of Van Horn Trading Post. A man named Lemuel will ask Arthur for help. Pick him up and bring him to Butcher's Creek where he will start attacking you. Just break free and knock him unconscious. You will meet Obediah Hinton afterwards who will take care of Lemuel. He says that Lemuel is sufferinig because of what they call "the darkness".

Come back to Butcher's Creek at Obediah Hinton's shack after a day between 12 AM to 7 AM and he will tell Arthur that there are demons around because of the "the darkness". After that a woman shouts for help as her pigs are being attacked by deformed dogs. Kill all the dogs and return to Obediah. He will tell Arthur that it's the darkness and these are demons taking many forms. A suspicious man wearing native American clothes will appear afterwards that will tell the villagers he saved them from the demons. He will tell something about dark charms possessing the woods.

Head to the woods near Butcher's Creek and destroy all the 13 cursed charms scattered around hanging on trees. You might need to use Eagle Eye to search for them much more easily. Once done go back to Obediah at Butcher's Creek. Obediah will be delighted about all the cursed charms being destroyed but the suspicious man will say otherwise, that the spirits were set loose. When Arthur questions him he will run away and will threaten the villagers of the dark omen. Arthur will suspect something is up and that he is hiding something. Obediah will give a hint to Arthur afterwards about a mine on the other side of the hill that the suspicious man told them not to go over.

Head to the closed mine west of Annesburg and remove the planks to enter. Head to the yellow part of the map and a cutscene will follow. Arthur will discover that the water flowing on the streams inside are poisoned. When you get back, someone will cause explosion to block the entrance. Go inside the little opening on the wall just left of where you came from and follow the water stream and find an exit through the waterfall. Head back to Butcher's Creek.

A cutscene will follow where the suspicious man are deceiving the village people to sign a paper that absolves the Roanoke Fuel Company of any liability. It turns out that the mining company polluted the water supply with arsenic and lead while digging in the mine. You will get $50 for your efforts. You can also get a Pig Mask here at the slaughter house. Wearing it will trigger some amusing disgusted reactions from NPCs in the game.

Mysterious Hill Home

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Just a little south of the ancient painting location from Strange Statues easter egg you'll find a strange-looking hill house with a turtle symbol above it similar to the symbol of the Chelonian Cult which you will encounter in Chapter 2. If you inspect it, Arthur will sketch the house on his journal.

There is no way to enter the hill house by any normal means, but through a glitch you can enter it through Red Dead Online. By having hogtied and carried by another player, you can enter the hill house when you break free of the player carrying you while standing in front of the hill house's door. There is nothing inside though but a narrow hallway.

It is believed that the house is the game's reference to Bilbo Baggin's Bag End hobbit hole in the Lord of the Rings movie series, at it is strikingly similar except for the turtle symbol.

Night Folk

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
At the Bluewater Marsh north of Lagras, you'll encouter several scenarios with the Night Folk. In one scenario, you'll run across a corpse hanged on a tree if you follow the trail near the swamp. If you inspect the corpse, a little while later you will be attacked by three painted men armed with knives. After dealing with them, reading the note found on the hanging corpse will reveal that the strange men that attacked you are also known as the Night Folk.

Another encounter with the Night Folk in this area is at night when you can find a woman crying by the swamps. Approaching the woman will make her attack you, and more Night Folks will appear to attack you as well.

After your encounter with the Night Folk, you can trigger the stranger mission "A Fine Night For It". Look for a man living in a tent in this area at night and he will ask you to eliminate the Night Folks who claimed his house. Along the way, he will shed some light about the Night Folk though it is not revealed what their history were and why they are killing people indiscriminately.

When you read one of the newspapers in Saint Denis, you'll read about Night Folk in the article "Savages In The Swamp". They are believed to be "a feral outpost of illiterate, interbreeding people living in deplorable conditions, devoid of even intelligible speech."

Pagan Ritual Site

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
Head to the open area northwest of Owanjila Dam in Big Valley near the western border. You'll find a site with pagan ritual symbols on the ground with a decaying corpse on a stake at the center. After inspecting, Arthur will sketch the site on his journal.

You can also get the Pagan Skull Mask that the corpse is wearing.

Pirate Boat

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
This easter egg is located on a group of islands southeast of Rhodes, south of Caliga Hall on the map. Swim across the swamp (beware of alligators) to get to the broken boat with a corpse of a pirate. You can find the Broken Pirate Sword onto the boat which is a decent melee weapon.

You can also find a pirate ship on a larger island just east of Rhodes. The location is close to one of the camps that the Van Der Linde Gang stays for some time. You will need a boat to reach the island safely. Here you can find a locked box containing an Aged Pirate Rum. Also, you can find a Tricorn Hat from the debris further ahead.

Prison Break

Red Dead Redemption 2 Easter Eggs
If you wander around Lemoyne, particularly near the area of Rhodes, you'll encounter three prisoners who are coerced into force labor by two lawmen. The prisoners device a plan and kill the 2 lawmen to escape, however one of them got shot and dies. It is believed that this easter egg is a reference to the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou".

Interestingly, if you capture the prisoners and take them to jail, you'll be rewarded $12 for each prisoner.

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