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  1. I had the Lancaster Repeater and the Poisonous Trail map #2 disappear from my inventory . The Lancaster I was able to get later on from another mission, but the map is gone and can't finish the treasure hunt.
  2. Also, once you have studied an animal, if you press R1 when it is in your sights or in binoculars, the details will tell you what type of weapon to use. I kept trying to kill a badger with the varmint repeater when you need to use the carbine or Lancaster - killed it with one shot then.
  3. There is a stranger mission with some circus performer asks you to find a lost animal - I can't remember if it was a tiger or a lion though. I haven't completed it yet. Maybe you shot that.
  4. Has anyone had a treasure map disappear from your inventory? I had found the Poisonous Trail map 1 I followed it to the marked location I found the next map (map 2). I then went and did other stuff, some missions, robbing etc. So, now I'm stuck. I contacted Rockstar Support and they have been responsive, but their troubleshooting suggestions haven't done anything. I'm pissed- that treasure is supposed to be close to $2000 in gold!
  5. That happened to me. The other night I got pinned between my horse and another. I punched mine and he kicked me across the street! I had to pause because I couldn't see from laughing so hard!
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