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  1. Ok, I've never been a fan of playing online, but purely out of boredom this weekend I decided to see what RDR2O is all about. I'm working my way through the co-op story missions which I am enjoying and a few stranger ones whilst trying to get some money and level up. Currently on lv 9 or 10 I think, so a couple more of the guns and clothing options have started to open up for me now. I have a few questions for things I am struggling with. How do you reverse wagons? Twice now I've failed a mission because I crashed into a house/rock or whatever and couldn't reverse and was stuck. What is the difference between 'free roam' and 'land of opportunties'? I've had a few posse invites pop up off randomers. Should I accept these? What will happen if I do? When does horse breaking become available? I tried to break a wild horse then rode all the way to the stables with it only to not be able to do anything (not even sell it) Where is the treasure on bards crossing? I looked it up online and it said it could be in any 1 of 3 positions, but I checked all three and mine wasn't there. Glitch? When someone kills you what does 'press charges' or 'parley' do? Thanks all
  2. Although I agree the petition is ridiculous, George RR Martin has not written the final book, so the last season was completely led by the producers. They had no story to follow so made it up themselves. Season 8 for me has been quite a disappointing way to end what has been an amazing series. The main issue being that they have tried to squeeze a whole season into just 6 episodes and it hasn't worked. All the events took place within the blink of an eye and everything was too rushed. Very unlike the Game of of Thrones we have watched for the past 7 seasons. Take season 6 for example and the battle of bastards. We had to endure Ramsay Boltons evil and rapey ways for a whole season before enjoying what was one of the best fight scenes and a very satisfying death for him. The build up and the anticipation to these major events is what made GOT so great to watch. Whereas season 8 has had the 2 of the biggest and most major fights in the history of GOT within the space of 2 episodes. To me Daenarys was and always will be the hero of the series and I hated the fact they turned her into some mad queen at the end. The whole scenario just made me end up disliking Jon for killing her. Where an earth were the Dothraki at the end of the episode? Surely they and the unsullied would be a bit more pissed off that their queen has just been murdered. But no they just sailed off into the sunset. Cersei Lannister's death was not befitting to the character. One of the most hated characters from the beginning only to be crushed by a pile a bricks in her lovers arms. I think this video says its all, even the cast are disappointed.
  3. Well its been 6 years since GTA5 was released, so we can't be too far off an announcement of some sort. The optimist in me says we'll get some news next year sometime, with a release date of 2022, but i'm sure thats way off and we're probably going to have another 5 or 6 years to wait not including delays!
  4. 1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time 2. The Sims (don't hate me for it!) 3. GTA: San Andreas (probably my favourite GTA game and the one I put the most hours into)
  5. debbo89

    Days Gone

    You didn't miss much with SOD2. I enjoyed the first game but the second one is trash IMO. I agree though. Not everyone can afford two consoles and its just a shame for the gamers who miss out. Have to say though when you compare the exclusives on each console its the Xbox players who I think are missing out the most. God of War game of the year yet can't even play it.
  6. debbo89

    Days Gone

    Sadly not, as it is PS4 exclusive. Really annoys me that we all can't all enjoy games just because of the system we own. Xbox seriously need to pull their finger out!
  7. Although I thought the game was brilliant and enjoyed it, a few things that I think they fell short on and ended up annoying me... 1. Lack of interactions with other camp mates. The trailer was misleading when it said "spend time with and get to know your gang members". By this I thought that we would be able to actually invite gang members to go drinking, fishing, hunting, robbing etc with whomever we wanted, when we wanted. Instead you are limited to the handful of side missions that the game gives you which completely disappear from about chapter 4 onwards. 2. Is there any actual point in killing an animal and stowing it on your horse to take back to camp, rather than just skinning it there and then and handing the meat to Pearson? I think I did it once at the beginning of the game then realised there was no point bringing each animal back individually when you can just skin 3-4 animals whilst out and bring all the meat back at once saving you time. Pointless mechanic. 3. What was the point in including the whole of the old RDR1 map in the game when we can't even access it until the epilogue, and even then there is absolutely nothing to do there. I was pleased when I heard the old map would feature in the game and was excited about what old places and characters we would encounter from RDR1. How disappointed was I when I realised absolutely none. Again, completely pointless, might aswell have saved some GB and not included it. 4. Similar to 3 - you take us off to guarma but won't even let us explore the island? Thought this was supposed to be an open world game! 5. Lack of customisation of clothing. So many shirts, all look the same as the last. And why can't we choose whether we have an open collar?
  8. This was one of my ideas for an RDR2 DLC. Similar concept to the Liberty City Stories DLC we got with GTA4, we could have two short stories to play as both Sadie and Charles after they left the ranch. They were probably two of the most likeable gang members and its a shame we did not get to find out where they ended up. In terms of RDR3, it would be great if they did a third instalment but realistically I can't see where they could go with the story. I don't think another prequel would work and to be honest, I wouldn't fancy playing as Dutch. I would actually prefer Rockstar to work on a completely new title, like an open world pirate game.
  9. Its the final season next year - April 2019
  10. I'm gonna go with San Andreas. It stands out in my mind as one of my all time favourites. Never played Bully but might give Bully 2 a go if it comes out and if reviews are good. What I would really LOVE is if Rockstar did an open world pirate game. That would be awesome.
  11. Don't you have to press B as its a melee attack? I can't quite remember, haven't used the knife all that much to be honest
  12. Unfortunately spoilers are everywhere even in places you may not even think about. I was browsing the red dead wiki site reading up on some of the gang members thinking it would be perfectly safe. Nope. I came across a major spoiler on one of the gang members bios. If you want to absolutely make sure that nothing is spoiled for you I would suggest avoiding the internet altogether.
  13. the chores icons are quite hard to spot on the map, they are small black dots in camp. Chores include chopping wood, getting water, moving hay bales to the horses and moving sacks over to pearson. If you can't see the dots on the map try finding the hay bales or something and seeing if it gives you the prompt to pick it up. You will get dead eye experience as a reward for each chore completed. TBF It doesn't help that the game doesn't mention it to you. I went through a whole play through without even realising you could complete chores in camp. I'm only now doing it on my second play through.
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