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  1. I had thought that it would lead to something originally so I kept doing it but I later found out that "something" wasn't in the game. I was kind of disappointed but in the same sense revealed that Rockstar is moving away from that.
  2. Every 10 headshots, it will tell you how many you have done if I am not mistaken. Just tell her to count them until she hits 10 and see if a pop-up appears.
  3. Me and my buddy are planning on doing a long weekend sesh to see if we can beat the game between the two of us in the least amount of hours while 100% completing it. Not sure if we will be able to do it in 4 days but we will try. I am absolutely going to use this method. Thanks man.
  4. Correct. Also I did the same using deadeye. It is hard to measure but it should go far enough. Worked the second time I did it.
  5. Hackers are very, very rare in this game (I never crossed one myself). What you are experiencing is people finding out what glitches there are and taking advantage of them. I think this is why Rockstar isn't punishing them outright. They are helping them fix the game in a way.
  6. Smart plan right here. These dudes are being ruthless on some servers. It sucks they spawn you in close to other players but if you can sneak off and just be on your own away from the mess, it helps a lot. I don't plan on hunting big game unless I know I am on a server with little to no players.
  7. That was a smart move. I am going to keep that in my back pocket for the future. Sometimes it is just a good thing to stick it to the troll by letting them believe you hacked the game lol
  8. Seems to be a take on the one from RDR1 like danjou mentioned. I am sure I will eventually mess around with it but it isn't a priority. I am more of a hunter/gatherer type than a bounty hunter.
  9. The black seems to be better than the white but the differences aren't extreme so just go with whatever color you like the most.
  10. It happened to me but it was long before the double XP stuff. I don't join random posses ever. I only join if I know someone in it and they are online.
  11. Been an issue for some time like others have mentioned. I like to take my time with most items to make sure I am getting my money but other items are best in bulk. Have to play around with the system to find the right pattern.
  12. I never did understand why they would have horses crapping and horse balls without them urinating. I mean at the very least, you think the horse would take a leak now and then.
  13. Same here. I used to have that draw something game on my phone but it got all buggy and annoying. Anything that I can easily play for just 2 to 10 minutes and then not touch for awhile is perfect.
  14. When I am too hot, I would rather freeze but when I am too cold, I would rather sweat my junk off. So yeah, it is a toss up really. I would most rather be neutral, just warm.
  15. I think it is unless the person specifically was targetting you over and over again. If someone kills me once or twice, I usually don't care too much. Yeah it sucks if I lose some good stuff but it teaches me that I need to improve in certain areas of the game.
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