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  1. This is what they say to do to fix the issue, they being Rockstar: https://support.rockstargames.com/articles/360040482073/Red-Dead-Redemption-2-on-PC-crashing-with-ERR-GFX-STATE-error I would try this: Go to C:\Users\username\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings from there, delete whatever sga files you see in the folder. Do not touch anything else in the folder. Run the launcher as an admin from your desktop. An error will pop up. After it does, just click OK. From there, bring up your task manager and end the task (Rockstar launcher). Now just launch as normal, sign in, and give it a few to start running. See if that helps. For some people, it does fix the problem.
  2. His expression sums up how I feel in one simple picture. Brilliant. I don't know why I continue to hold out hope. lol
  3. I haven't done this myself but I have heard of some people running into issues with it. Hope someone here can help you out. I would say to contact Rockstar and open a support ticket but it can take over 10 days for them to get back to you right now.
  4. Go outside more. If you spend too much time indoors, you are bound to feel this. Doesn't matter what time of the year it is. I know when I don't get out enough, I start to just feel drained and unmotivated to do anything.
  5. I haven't caught up with the series. Felt a bit slow and lost interest. I will eventually get back into watching it. I love the character but the slow build has been just that, slow. I guess this is there way of adding to the story which is fine but I am interested in Saul not "Slippin' Jimmy".
  6. redscrew

    Bug, or hacker?

    I am sorry this happened for you. I have had plenty of issues with the game on console as well as PC but I completely understand shelving it. I would too in your shoes. Rockstar doesn't seem to know how to handle all these issues piling up and can't seem to help people with basic issues anymore.
  7. Yeah there is not an option which to me, always seemed silly. Like why not allow us to get rid of certain weapons to keep better organization? Selling them would make the most sense or even having random NPC's pulling them off you and running with them.
  8. Arabian is my number one choice if I had to choose. Has a solid build and when you level em up, they seem to get the best stats overall. Some think the horse is kind of basic but I always had a soft spot for plain/basic transport in games. Blend you in better online and offline.
  9. Yeah I can see this. I mean plenty of people feel safe enough with trusting big name companies while I know others won't even use windows anymore and opt for Linux for privacy reasons. Same people won't even game on consoles anymore.
  10. redscrew

    Can't sprint/run

    Could be a windows 10 issue. I know I have trouble with some games after they do updates. This is down to the gaming devs not updating things as well. I know it might be a hassle but have you considered uninstalling the game and reinstalling it? I think your files should still be able to be kept. Is this an online only issue or happening both online and in the campaign?
  11. Work wasn't terrible for a Tuesday. Had Arby's for dinner followed by a nap. Getting ready to do a bit of gaming before bed. So I had a decent day.
  12. I had a general idea of how this worked but I had no idea that people could manipulate the servers this badly. Sounds like they are taking the cheaper route and letting the players pay the cost. This first comment sums it up lol
  13. Why join just to post stuff like this and leave? PC gaming has had issues with hackers, modders, etc. for YEARS. I started playing games on PC in like 2005 I think and even back then, this was the case. Rockstar can't be blamed for this entirely and if you have this much of a problem with it, it is better to play games like this on console only. It may not be perfect but it is a lot more complex to run mods and hacks on there.
  14. Isn't it tab to open it though? Or do you hold it? I don't remember. I played with a controller because I couldn't figure out the keyboard controls.
  15. I am hoping this means we are getting some good updates. I am fine with them not giving us any new stuff to do right now. I would rather the bigger issues get fixed first. I keep going to play the game and just can't get into it like before.
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