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  1. Fishing rod is in the items wheel. Hold TAB (I only know PC) to bring up the wheel, switch it over to items, and you will see it on the lower right. Use it just like you would choose a weapon. When you buy a fishing rod, it goes directly to your item wheel, not your inventory. Wędka jest w kole przedmiotów. Przytrzymaj TAB (znam tylko PC), aby podnieść koło, przełącz je na przedmioty, a zobaczysz je w prawym dolnym rogu. Użyj go tak, jakbyś wybrał broń. Kiedy kupujesz wędkę, trafia ona bezpośrednio do koła przedmiotów, a nie do twojego ekwipunku.
  2. Faelwolf

    Game sound volume

    There is a program called Eartrumpet that used to bypass windows10 and keep your settings, but it no longer works either. If I do find a workaround or fix, I will post it here. I sure wish Micro$oft would stop "helping" us.....
  3. Faelwolf

    Game sound volume

    Looks like the Win10 lowering game volume down to near nothing issue has reared it's ugly head again. Anyone had any luck with it? The old fix doesn't seem to be working anymore.
  4. Thanks for the info! Got in with a good crew, and am loving the game again. It's so much more fun with friends! A few griefers here and there, as well as hackers, but it has stopped considerably since I felt forced to leave. Just an annoyance now, not game-breaking. I imagine after the holidays are over it might die down even a bit more. No camp or disconnect issues to speak of so far, thankful for that! Looks like I'm definitely going to be staying for a while
  5. Edited to prevent confusion. Figured it out, you have to hit those buttons while holding down the right mouse button, and doing nothing else, and not near any object with a menu. Wow, about the clunkiest setup I have ever seen!
  6. Makes sense though. Think about it, in R/L you shoot a rabbit with a 44-40 or larger, it's not going to be in the best of shape. Conversely, outside of that seriously lucky SOB who killed a grizzly with a .22 a few years back, the rest of us are going to have a hard time using a varmint rifle on one.
  7. So I got the game running again, and have been dabbling a bit. Looks like some things changed for the better (only one disconnect so far, and my camp has been there every time) and a few things have stayed the same, though so far haven't had an issue with griefers or hackers, which is nice. When time allows, might just get to playing again, especially if I can find a good posse. Any new issues I need to be aware of? Oh, and to the group who got into a big gun battle with lawmen in the middle of my camp while I was off shooting that nearby gator, thank you for a very entertaining welcome back. I especially enjoyed hearing voice chat with things like "WTF? This is the wrong camp!" And I do appreciate that 8 cents in the loot you left behind (I see RS is still cheap with the loot heh) :D
  8. Don't care for coffee, take my tea straight, no sugar. I like my tea strong, too. I'm just old school I guess.
  9. I am shelving it for a while, most likely a year or so. I had hoped that with some of the recent apparent attempts at fixing the issues that Rockstar was at least making an effort, but they have fallen silent again. I am going to need some additional hard drive space soon, and at this point RDR2 is dead weight, as the game remains unplayable for me. I'll stop by here now and then to keep an eye on things, but the game just isn't worth the frustration right now. If they fix the issues at some point in the future, I'll take another look at it, but I am not optimistic about the time frame.
  10. Took them 16 days to process my Twitch Prime rewards for RDR2O, and a ticket. Still haven't received my $$ in GTA V from the last promotion. RS just doesn't have their act together.
  11. Sounds like yet another hacker. They have also been pulling up a two-headed skeleton and doing the same thing. Worst of all, though, is that some have figured out how to hack accounts now, it's been reported. Rock Star really needs to get on this and lock the hacking down.
  12. I've heard that the latest bug patches were a huge success, and the bugs are much buggier now. If only we could get RS to understand that patches are supposed to remove the bugs! I'll hold off archiving the game for now, at least they seem to be making the effort. Still holding out hope.
  13. Faelwolf

    Bug, or hacker?

    The problem is, I can get my account banned for it, and it takes away the only fun left in the game for me, that of earning my own way.
  14. Faelwolf

    Bug, or hacker?

    I am sure there is yet another reply in my mailbox today, but just don't feel like dealing with them right now. I've told them to go ahead and close the ticket three times now, in plain text, but they just keep pushing. Game is definitely shelved at this point, can't even log on for three minutes without a griefer, bug, or disconnect? Time to move on. It's a shame, this game has such huge potential, but it is being so horribly mismanaged.
  15. Faelwolf

    Bug, or hacker?

    Heard back from support, they told me I could fix the problem by reloading Steam (I don't play through Steam or mentioned Steam at all) Um....... I just can't make this stuff up!
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