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  1. My character is native female. I joined lots of random- posses last weeks. Sometimes, when they saw me, they kicked me out of the group and shot me. In other posses, my "mates" pointed guns on me, tried to catch me from my horse and cursed me. Im not sure if its for racist or sexist reasons, or if thats normal in this game. But I think, if youre a team, you should stand together. Well, they wont get rid of me. Ill level up to a high rank and then Im gonna kick their asses.
  2. Im only at level 23, so still far, far away from the turkomans and foxtrotters... so I got the red arabian chestnut. Im really keen on all the horses in the game, so I bought a second one, an Appaloosa, although I know that there wont be any horse as fine as my red one until Im at level 80 or so... but I liked the colours 😁 That will be my problem. I "need" these horses... off course I dont need them, but I need them 😂 so theres no chance for me to get rich.
  3. I dont only want to complain about bad griefers. Sometimes, it might be exiting to be attacked by other players. For example, when they try to catch you on a mission. So I dont think that a complete ban of pvp would be the best idea. But the system of killing and respawning makes no sense to me, because it causes endless fights. If there are two or three guys who want to kill me, and I fight back and kill them all- theres no reward for the success, because the enemies come back in some seconds and attack me again. When youre in a war of two posses, its not the better team who wins. The looser is the one, who simply lost the nerves, the fun or gets out of munition first. I think, when youre dead, the fight should be over. Wouldnt it make more sense to respawn on another server? Or to disable people to kill the same person several times a day? Getting killed feels bad, but has nearly zero consequences. I dont see any sense in that. What do you guys think?
  4. Nice! Ill look out for you when Im ingame!
  5. Hey there, Im playing on ps4 at european time-zone. After I entered several random posses, Im looking for one or some permanent groups who would welcome my native girl character. I would prefer a leader who doesnt just run away and do the missions allone, because hes on level 80 000 already and Im much too slow for him- I would prefer teamwork and caring for each other. I also prefer a group without racist and/or sexist tendencies. Fighting other players might happen sometimes, but please not always, and not completely senseless. What you would get in return is a loyal, honorable member that wont leave you alone in battle. I also like to hunt and explore. Greets, Chapawee...
  6. Hello! I enjoy this forum so far, but it seems to me as if I get answers only at night, so I guess you guys are far, far away from me and thats why we wont ever meet online... So I wonder if there are gamers from the european time zone here? I would like to make some more friends to play with!
  7. Very nice topic! Heres my little backround story: Little Chapawee, means little beaver. Born in 1876, she belongs to the last generations of Sioux who grew up in freedom. Her year of birth was the year of the battle at Little Bighorn, so when her life began, her tribes great times already had been over. In the age of 14, she lost most of her relatives to the massacre called Wounded Knee. The white men brought her to a catholic boarding school, so she learned writing and reading in English. But she didnt stay there for long. She never understood the double standards of these people who had murdered most of her family, so she flew from them one night. Since that day, shes on her own in the wilderness...
  8. Hey guys, thanks for your answers. When Im online, I always look for teams who are fair with each other. Maybe I didnt find the posses of this forum because Im in Europe, and you guys are sleeping while I play? However, Im gonna keep it up!
  9. Hey, I wondered if there would be any native American characters on ps4. My character is a sioux, and Im tryin to do a little kind of roleplay in that way, so I would be happy to meet some friends who are native characters, or who are native-friendly Im not a native in real life, and I really dont want to offend people who are in anyway. Im just fascinated by the possibillity to be one in game. I like to write backround stories for characters, and so I did for my little Chapawee. My kind of playing red dead online is quite peaceful, as long as you dont shoot first. Maybe we can have some kind of Sioux- Gang? That would be fun! If you are interested, just send me a message! Hooka hey!
  10. Hey, I'm Jojo from northern Europe. I love exploring the beautiful world of red dead online. If you meet my character ingame, dont be shy and say hello! Chapawee is a sioux, but mostly, shes friendly Shes not affraid of having a fight, but also not looking for trouble.
  11. This is little Chapawee. Born in 1876, she belongs to one of the last generations of Sioux, who grew up in a Tipi in freedom, out of any indian reservation.
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