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  1. Howdy Rock , whoever is leading posse just need to enter through quick join menu to any mode desired. Everyone in that posse will be pulled in with him or her. Enjoy !
  2. Howdy partner ! Looks like you posted this in wrong section , if your playing online my advice is to start the collectors role. Its the easiest to come up quickly in dollars to finance your other stuff. Run bountys and strangers to stack gold or try your luck at pvp. 👍 good luck out there.
  3. Please reference RDR2.ORG when messaging us with your main gaming hours and region. Lets ride !!
  4. Lol yes you were completely in your right to bust the young players arse simply for violating the code of ethics among cowboys. I'll also point out that his leader was in the wrong for not establishing ground rules right out of the gate. No self respecting posse would back up a little grieve out here running around bothering folk. Just saying but good for you to stand up to them. Sounds like they were grieves to begin with. ✌
  5. Howdy ! You need to open a posse recruiting thread. Include your platform and requirements. Its referred to as posse though bud. You may attract the wrong sort labeling it a gang. Unless that's what your after. Good luck my fellow gunslinger !
  6. Great to see fresh maps added to PvP ! Getting better every week.
  7. Whooooo !! Ammo sale is better than role xp ! I'll take it 😀 was really hoping for news about content but hey it's there world we are just playing in it. Thanks @Kean_1
  8. Not sure which platform you play on but on ps4 , push left on D pad , go down to posse , open that and the ones your in should be on top. Scroll down to the ones you want to leave , click on them , at bottom should be option to leave or abandon. If leave posse isn't at bottom of list go in options once you click on posse and that should have leave posse in there. Hope this helps. ✌
  9. Very well thought out good sir. Friendship is definitely the end game here and getting yourself some like minded gunslingers to play with is the best end game you could hope for. The game is gonna take a lot of time before it's got great replay ability. Gotta make your own fun till then. Good luck out there partner.
  10. @karma this community is far from toxic my fellow gunslinger , check other forums and you'll see just how mild this one is. Example would be bungle forums , those cats rip each other apart and the moderators allow it. This game revolves around the posse , if your not in one I highly recommend it. Solo players are easy targets for a couple grieves running around looking to destroy you. Embrace the fight , shoot back and hold your ground. Dying should not bother you as you lose nothing but a little time. Saddle up with a posse and give em hell.
  11. 100% most of us that's played since beta have more money and gold then we will likely ever spend. With that said it is getting more stable , alligators are returning , new grieves are trying there luck. Had a couple level 200s shoot one of us last weekend and tried to steal his gator ! 😀 gotta love there efforts. Well they left server hungry , broken , and bleeding ! We are still in love with it and plan to remain till it comes back to glory. Only the strong will survive this down time.
  12. My apologies cap ! Never talk about fight club !! State law ! 😀
  13. Hey fellers as @Kean_1 mentioned its a work in progress and we must remain vigilant. Our whole community gathers a few times a week and make our own fun such as made up versions of posse vs posse. Scavenger hunts basically , must have 4 different large fish from all different locations , plus full hunting wagons and first posse to designated area with proof of goods wins. Another we are going to try is 2 posses , 7 in each , I draw a name from hat , that person is the bounty ! There posse must protect him or her while the other is tasked with capturing them and making it to set destination alive. Also we been doing a lot of fight clubs. Just use your imagination and MAKE it fun untill it's stable. 🍺
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