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  1. Thank you. I realised my mistake in thinking there was only one type of Devon. I'd probably seen the ox loads of times before I realised there was an ox and a bull. Thanks for taking the time to help.
  2. New patch today, everything was going well until I tried and yet again failed to spawn the hunting wagon. Their incompetence is staggering.
  3. Does anyone know what the mystery rewards are which can be unlocked in the outlaw pass? I've unlocked both which state they will be revealed later. I've maxed out the rankings but still haven't been able to claim the rewards.
  4. Yes, they've acknowledged it now and say they're working on it.
  5. I'm having problems with spawning at a random location (despite selecting start from camp) and having no camp on the map). This happened sometimes before the update which was ok because I just set up a camp. Now when this happens I try and select a camp and regardless of the location and it won't process it. Hunting wagon not spawning and disconnects too.
  6. If you're hunting near a stable you can collect one from there. I hunt in the marshes at Heartlands overflow and there's a stable nearby. When you're out on the road and you bag some 2 or 3 star wolves though that's a different matter.
  7. Same here, annoying when you have to go to a stable to get it.
  8. Like others after the Naturalist update I was experiencing frequent disconnects, but what annoyed me just as much was the hunting wagon not spawning. I loaded it up today with the intention of starting from my camp and it spawned me with no camp. I tried to set up a camp, pressed the A button to select it...nothing. The game is broken, R* have let themselves and us down with this, hopefully it won't be too long before they get it sorted.
  9. Hello, you can buy bigger wagons as you unlock the role ranks. When you reach rank 15 (I think) you will unlock the large delivery wagon. /It's capacity is 100 and it costs $750. Doing a long delivery with full 100 capacity with this wagon will net you just over $625. When you do deliveries you're vulnerable to attacks from griefers. When this happens to me I just disconnect from the server, return to camp and start it again as Cripps still has the goods that need to be delivered.
  10. Does anyone know the name of the cow or bull I am missing?
  11. Sorry if this is in the wrong part of the furum Greetings all. I hope somebody can help. I've started Harriet's Animal field guide beginning with the animals from farmland habitats. I've managed to get all but one animal stamped and as it doesn't reveal the name of the animal I don't know its name, however from its image I know it's either a cow or a bull. The bovine animals I've had stamped so far are Florida cracker cow Angus Bull Devon Bull Hereford Bull Angus Ox I have spent ages going between Carmody Dell, Emerald Ranch, the farm just outside St Denis, the farm on a slope with the thoroughfare in between near Lagras and I just cannot find the animal. Any help would be gratefully received.
  12. I've not been on this forum for a few weeks, or played RDR2 online for even longer, I've just dropped in to see whether R* have finally started to listen and act upon the feedback from people who are being griefed. I see we still have the 'join another lobby' brigade who think that players who just want to play their game in peace should move on , rather than anything being done to stop the griefers wrecking other people's games in the first place. Seems R* are still happy with this state of affairs.
  13. It was the level maps I was thinking of. Cheers for the help Chris
  14. When you're playing as posse what's the split on the treasure takings found from maps? Does it depend on who invited who to the game?
  15. It's pretty obvious a lot of people are geting hacked off about the griefing, but what do we think are the reasons why R* are still not implementing passive modes or invite only lobbies?
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