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  1. What chapter though, I went there during chapter 3 and he is not there.
  2. There is a guy near saint denis that I just went there and killed him.
  3. So, I was going to Flaco Hernandez and I passed by a frozen river which had this written on it: KEEP YOUR DREAMS SIMPLE. Does this mean anything?
  4. You change you knives the same way you save your ammo, except from the pirate sword which you change like other weapons.
  5. Yes I did it twice so I don't write bullsh*t here without reason. There isn't really a peaceful solution here, obviously, because if you shoot him in the leg he runs at you with another knife. I just found it funny that if you shoot the knife out of his had, you die.
  6. I find that real as funny because the same channel had a video killing KKK members. Guess if you hate both, the left still hates you.
  7. I shot Granger knife out of his hand and it flew out but I died instantly. WTF?
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