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  1. Yes i crafted and boughted. Yes i checked the changr your wardrobe. It seems like the alligator tallisman is the only unequipable "visually" if im not mistaken.. it lets me wear the bear claw tallisman on my belt and raven one on my holster but alligater.. nuh uh
  2. I crafted it but it is greyed out in wardrobe. I could equip raven claw but not the alligator tallisman. Is it not equipable?
  3. Wrh im a dumba*s... i got confused trinkets for talismans... how do i close this stupid topic lol
  4. I know you automatically get all the perks from the talismans you already crafted but how do you make them appear in your clothing? Do you have to get all of them? I used the all outfit cheat in order to just check them out and remember seeig a chain around the vest. If that wasnt a talisman then where can i get them? I litterally bought all the vests in the store
  5. Reminded me of haunted mansion or frankenstein for some reason. Haha but the serenity is definitely there. Well donee
  6. Im buying the dlc no questions asked there. But i just hope it wont take them a year.. i usually always get tired of waiting for dlcs for too long, so i end up not playing the game n e more. Qq
  7. I set a loafout from the gunsmith and it works for the time being and just swaps to being random. It changes by itself and does not have it in my shoulder and back everytime.. this is very annoying and i hope there would be a patch to have perminent gun loadouts in the future. HVe to manually consistently re equiping my guns. I want them on my shoulder and back at all times. Its cooler that way.
  8. All I know is.. If you have complaints with this game then nothing can satisfy you, or you just have riddiculous standards. This is probably the most refined game of the century. Let me ask you.. which game did you think was "better" than this one? Or.. whats your all time favorite game? And finally did you think that game was perfect? No games can ever satisfy everyone because everyone is different. Its not that the game was overrated, its just not your cup of tea. Given that said, this game is imo the most detailed, story driven, and captivating game that has ever been produced to date. Name one game that you believed to be the better overall game and why. Enlighten me friend. This game should set the standard for all gaming industries. [The witcher 3 aside.. that game was awesome]
  9. Come on rockstars.. how did you not add any dialogues when paying respect to all the graves belonging to your close friends?? Not even a single dialogue when going to see arthur morgans grave?!?!?!?!?! At the very least you shoulda had something for the main character of the game.. QQ
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