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  1. Yes I was just about to say that they did the same thing with RDR1. Also I am aware it was an intentional move by the developers. There’s no need to use all caps because it’s like you’re using a loud tone with me that I don’t appreciate, despite your response being from a couple of days ago. Thank you for commenting.
  2. Have they enabled the ability to save with cheats now with the new update? Haven’t downloaded it yet so I can’t check for myself right now.
  3. Of course! After doing some more testing, I noticed that the train didn’t show up a few times attempting this, so I’m guessing it’s not GUARANTEED as I thought, which is strange because this worked consecutively before.... however, it’s still something worth trying. If it doesn’t work, maybe try reloading the save again and see if the train shows up. Glad you’ll recommend this to them
  4. Robbing the Annesburg train when you get to the tunnel is probably the best method to rob a train, due to the great reward with little to no risk, as you never get a bounty upon completing it. However, the main drawback is if the player wants to rob the train again taking the same route, the train would not move and remain stationary, so they would have to take the train to Saint Denis first, which is a much longer ride and only makes robbing the train more tedious. This issue fixes itself, but it takes about a good half hour or so of your real life time before it can move again. I, however, accidentally found a trick that lets you rob the train without having to wait out the time AND the long ride. Things you’ll need: a fast horse, x2 dynamite, a gun, that’s it ^^ After finishing up your robbery in Annesburg train, go to any train station and take the train to the Annesburg station. After that, save right there on the spot, then load that same save. Once you’re loaded in, you’ll see that the train is moving and won’t stop moving, so IMMEDITAELY whistle your horse over, chase the train and jump onto it. Now that you’re on the train, just wait until the tunnel spot and rob it again and get yourself some easy cash
  5. That’s weird, I’ve been there dozens of times and killed people for fun, never got a bounty for it.
  6. I found a few places that have no law in the area and will allow you to do and kill whatever you want, whoever you want without any form of bounty or wanted level. I’ve only gotten two so far: Armadillo Van Horn Trading Post(locals will get upset though and will try to kill you) If you know of any more places that has civilization in it and no law, please say so in the comments below. Happy killing!
  7. I finally beat the game, omg this was so good. But now I don’t really know what else to do. I mean there’s bounties that I plan on doing but I heard they’re limited, gang hideouts don’t seem to respawn either, and I kind of want to keep my honor at max. Aside from doing the challenges, what else can I do to have fun?
  8. I can confirm this since I found this place when Pearson took me there once to get some crayfish. Now I go back here and then if I want some BGM. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Does what you wear influence how people act toward you? For example, would wearing horribly mismatched clothing make people laugh at you? Would people fear you if you wear an empty bull skull for a mask? Etc. what combinations can I wear that’ll make people like me more or less?
  10. Hoping to farm some big game meat. I’m roaming around the tall trees north of Annesburg and I’m barely finding any animals. I found out that wolves give big game meat and they’re easy to kill and travel in packs, so that’s a good start. If anyone could give me locations where packs of wolves can be a common-ish sight then please let me know, or if there’s other animals I can farm that give big game meat. Thanks!
  11. You know what? The SAME EXACT thing happened to me, too, a little while back. I was pretty annoyed by this. However, I just used the Saint Denis horse method to get myself a gray rose arabian, which is better than the previous horse I had. Now I’m not really upset about losing the horse anymore, but I could’ve sold it to make a good wad of cash.
  12. Yeah, I know that, but I’m the kind of guy that likes to rely on a... repeatable source of income rather than a one time thing. You feel me?
  13. Yeah I just answered my own question, took me like an hour and a half to raise a level 1 arabian to a level 4, so not really worth the time... it actually does influence the price though. I went to go see how much the Arabian would cost at level 3 and it turned out to be $240. Level 4 was increased to $360. Good money, but not really worth dedicating your time to if you’re just gonna do nothing but bond with your horse. If anything, just steal a rare horse from the Saint Denis spot (if you see one), and ride around with it as you’re free roaming and doing things. If you think about it, you’re kind of making money as you go by increasing the horse bond. Then again, you might make more by just stealing more horses, which you can make up the honor by greeting 3 people.
  14. Do you have to raise the horse bond level to get the max price for the horse? I know you have to do the same for the stables, but I’m wondering if the same applies for the horse fence as well.
  15. Gosh f*ing damn it. Alright well, thanks a lot then.
  16. Are they going to be infinite? Or is there a set number of them like bounties? If I can remember correctly, there are only 12 bounties total, so what about stage coaches?
  17. I know those are random encounters that you can go to, but most of the time it’s just a stranger(s) living there and they get pissed if you’re near them. Is there a way to get them friendly toward you and maybe share their stuff with you, or do you have to be an evil outlaw and kill them straight up?
  18. Ah shoot, I was checking the bushes! Alright, I’ll try that right now.
  19. I just want fish that are nice catches. Preferably fish that costs $5 per fish. I remember going fishing with Dutch and Hosea in the river at the start of chapter 3 and caught 8 of this fish that was $5 per catch, but I forgot the name of the fish though, unfortunately, and I can’t find a boat to get to that spot either edit: I found out in my handy dandy compendium that the fish was a steelhead trout and I keep catching them nonstop in the Lannahechee lake under Rhodes in the Lemoyne region. I use a lake lure to catch them. Im good now thanks! This will net me some nice bucks.
  20. What are some good spots that can give you valuable fish? Currently looking for some right now. I got the bait, I got the lures, just point me in the right direction and I’ll be there
  21. I can confirm that you can carry up to 99 of each lure with the Legend of the East satchel. I already have it so I was able to go see for myself without having to google it up. I just bought 40 of each instead of 99 because I don’t think I’m gonna need that many. They can last you a while if you don’t break em. Also helps if you have the honorable discounts, up at 25% off and they cost about $1.60-1.80 each lure.
  22. Very well, I should probably get some more of those, too. I didn’t know you could carry more than 3 lures. What fishing spot(s) have been most profitable to you where you could make some good coin out of it? I got at least $50 worth with the 15 or so fish I got from the lake you fish in with Hosea and Dutch
  23. There is a bait shop in Lagras just north west of Saint Denis. That’s where I got the other lures, along with the special ones. Where else can you get the lake lures?
  24. That answers my first question, thanks! I’ll put the edit in right now.
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