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  1. Yeah, the lack of Indians in Redemption kind of disappointed me a bit so I hope to see them get a stronger role this time around. It's kinda tough to paint them as the bad guys though. There was millions of them in North America when Columbus landed and a few hundred thousand by the late 1800s. Playing as a white guy who kills even more of them would be controversial to say the least. Maybe if the 3 protagonists thing comes back one of them could be Indian. It'd be a good way to show the conflict from multiple viewpoints at least. Still, pretty heavy subject matter for what should be a fun Wild West outlaw game.
  2. I don't think we'll get actual gameplay in a trailer. I'm guessing the next trailer gives a vague look at the main character(s) and a stronger sense of the game's tone. We'll get an information blowout and a string of screenshots/gameplay videos before a final trailer that sheds a little light on the story. That's my theory, anyway.
  3. Can't agree more about the money thing. This seems to be something most open world action games suffer from. There's often times just too few things worth buying to ever have to worry about money. I never had a problem with the skinning animations. The blood splatter on the "camera" was a bit silly but other than that I was fine with it. Beats the hell out of the Assassin's Creed games where they just sort hover their hands over the animal's corpse. One thing that really bugs me though is how impatient the NPCs are. Mostly the side quest people. As soon as a cut scene was over they'd have some comment about you not leaving to start the quest soon enough. You literally can't get away fast enough to avoid it. It's a relatively small thing to complain about but it made the NPCs so much hard to like.
  4. I agree with the majority. It just doesn't fit into Rockstar's style and wouldn't really make sense on a story level if the game's set in the same universe as the last one. Some parody versions of real life people might work though. A former soldier turned lawman turned showman ala Wild Bill would fit in nicely in the Redemption world.
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