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  1. yep thanks! we figured that out after lots of messing around haha. we signed her up for playstation account and added her as a user. Then we had to figure out how to switch users, which funny enough was located in the power options, not the family management or account management (or profile) screens. Thanks for the reply
  2. I have heard that you cannot have multiple characters per user apparently. Does that also mean that my wife cannot start her own game online separate from my own? If that is possible, how do I do it? Does she need to create her own playstation profile and use that? New to playstation, any help is appreciated, thanks!
  3. it looks like theres quite a few different ones, some of them are quite expensive. any recommendations on which one?
  4. this one? https://www.amazon.com/Redemption-Secrets-Collectibles-Trophies-Achievements-ebook/dp/B07KDQGM1C/ref=sr_1_8?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1542565778&sr=1-8&keywords=red+dead+2+official+guide
  5. you have a link to the guide pls? sounds like a great idea
  6. If only I could get such a detailed response from R*. Thank you, Poggy. That reduces my confusion quite a lot. And yeah, R* says these dont respawn, but I'm thinking there was an error in translation or something, some of the support doesnt use english as a first language. I too have seen the people being taken to jail a bunch of times, as well as the guy getting kicked by his horse
  7. rockstar support is telling me that random encounters do not respawn
  8. do you think the guy thats looking for Gavin will respawn? is riding past them enough to trigger the experience as completed, even if u ignore it completely by riding past?
  9. thanks guys, you've given me hope to keep playing this save and not start over again
  10. When I first started the game, they seemed to be everywhere. Now that I'm done grinding challenges I realized I hardly see them anymore. Before, I couldn't go from point A to B without seeing them, now I seem to only seem them sparingly, if at all
  11. I sure hope so. I rode past the guy looking for Gavin twice at least and the KKK probably, as well as probably 20 or 30 other white dots. If they dont respawn im going to feel like a ****ing moron
  12. Very early in chapter 2 (before getting fishing pole) I decided to grind out as much of the challenges as I could. Because I was bouncing all over the map in cinematic mode, I basically rode past every random encounter, triggering them. I assumed if I just rode past, they would all respawn. I recall riding past the guy looking for Gavin at least twice. Now that I am finished grinding challenges, I notice that I do not have many random encounters anymore, almost none in towns. My progress shows the random encounter portion completed. The guy looking for Gavin is nowhere to be found in Valentine. The father and sons are almost finished with their house, yet I've never interacted with them. Its possible I rode past the KKK as well. My question is: have I triggered all of the random encounters and now they wont respawn, leaving me with a more lifeless game? Or will these random encounters all come back? I'm kind of salty because I was hoping to interact with all of them after the challenges, and I feel like I need to start over now and after all the grinding I just did, that really seems shitty (second game I've started already).
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