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  1. Dunno what to tell ya. Unfortunately Rockstar made this game soooo good that any other game is going to seem like "meh". I hate when things like this happen. A game comes out that literally breaks the mold and when it's over you don't know what to do because all of the other games don't come close to capturing the magic of the game that "broke the mold". So... What do we do? We wait! We wait for another game to break the mold! It's what I have been doing ever since I played the first Zelda many, many years ago!
  2. Why on earth is it taking so long for people to get perfect 3 star pelts? I admit that it took me awhile to get the hang of it, but once I did now it only takes me about 5 minutes. As soon as I see a pack of wolves I immediately grab my Rolling Rock Long Scope rifle. Then I stare down my scope at the pack so that I can get a clean look at each wolf until I spot a 3 star pelt candidate. When I do all it takes is a quick activation of my dead eye and boom... I have a perfect pelt. Do this or go find good ole' one legged Hamish and take him up on his invite to go hunt a legendary wolf. During your hunt you will have 4 perfect wolf pelts readily available when everything comes to an end. I highly doubt that you really spent 12 real time hours hunting for a 3 star wolf pelt. If you did than I highly suggest that you find some time to go on a walk, hike, run or anything that involves moving. Geez, 12 hours on a 3 star pelt. That is a full shift at work for me.
  3. Uhhh... If it is taking you that long to get a 3 star pelt, then you don't deserve to be playing a game as great and sophisticated as this.
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