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  1. Here's some pictures of some very underpowered guns on PS4 that I just love to show off me bodying people online with!
  2. You really wanna check out this. This is all the music videos I've made with the R* editor, in order as best I could. My R* Editor Music Videos As you can see in The Biker Queen video I get a Heavy Revolver kill jousting with another biker online on a job I had to make to get some fair biker action. Not the best angle to get a cool shot of the kill thou. However I Fought The Law starts with me killing my crew leader and features a very glorifying violence panning camera angle that I'm proud of. Combat pistol and lots of nice blood splatter!
  3. Add me on PSN, I play ps3 and ps4 atm. Same name but send a bit of text with the friend request so I know your not just another smitten saddo in love with my female avatar! PSN - TheMcKeever Will be playing RDR2 in freeaim unless the players are zigzagging like their on crack in 1st person! I'm 20+ buy the way. Don't add me unless your old enough to play a video game!
  4. In real life or on a video game? "Why you talking smack on a video game?" - Confused kid on GTA
  5. R* only jobs are good but the 1% of creator jobs I've found through the GTA forums are better. I'll post a decent video for my YouTube Channel, if you just search "McKeever GTA" into YouTube or Google you'll find my content till I post a link!
  6. So I started doing TDM reviews a few years ago on the GTAforums shortly after the creator feature was added. I've created lots of jobs myself, mostly Deathmatches and even got to play on a R* Livestream on the Red Dead themed Livestream (will post link later after I re-read the terms of this site) for my "Marston's Ranch" TDM. I prefer the action of RDR hence why most the jobs I make on GTA V Online feature a weaker weapons set. I made a lot of Pistol n Shotgun maps on the PS3 version of GTA. The Combat Pistol was the f'n daddy!! But I do feel the combat on the PS4 version of GTA made the weapons and headshot recognition weak as hell... They added the heavy revolver and double barrel shotgun to online and they are too weak to keep up with everyone else spamming auto-shotguns and RPGs. That's actually the reason I started making TDMs to get away from GTA freemode and force people to use a weapon set that actually makes for a better, more competitive and fair play! And that's also why I hope the next GTA is set in London in 1969 with few heavy weapons. I also hope RDR2 doesn't have a creator feature (at least for TDMs) so the online matchmaking doesn't get broken like what happened to GTA Vs with the millions of spam, crap troll jobs being made. I love to play good custom jobs on GTA Vice online obviously reviewing them when I can, but I only started to review them online because it literally was so hard to find a decent one to play without creating an account on the GTAforums and using the R* social club. A sad state of affairs when the mass of their player-base ruins the matchmaking by making so many crappy jobs. The "only receive R* jobs invites" option didn't help out the genuine decent job creators like me and believe it or not many others. SoSo yeah hopefully decent matchmaking to look forward to! And hopefully no freeaim-assisted option neither, and a First Person mode that keeps the exact same actions as the the 3rd person view so people aren't zigzagging like their on crack or a baddie out a sega mega drive game while their sniping you with a auto-sniper... Oh how GTA Online is ruined by such a few wee things!
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