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  1. Regardless of pve or pvp i think there should be kill restrictions in spawning of course.
  2. Yeah its pretty lame when someone pulls something directly out of their rectum about you to further their narrative instead of addressing what you're trying to say.
  3. The change effects everyone, and doesn't have to. Also yeah remove the blips, unless its close proximity gunfire or a buddy or something reasonable.
  4. Translating what i say to argue with a strawman. Asserting things about me like "elitist desires" and "playing the victim" Accusing me hurling pejoratives at AN OBJECT (a passive mode server) probably to justify a ban because you don't like my opinion. Directly called someone a normie in my first post ever as a meme/joke which received two warning points from you, being the first and last im allowed, and haven't done it since. Everyone else here is having a good back and fourth getting their points across. You're the one being needlessly hostile. Im not going to bother having a discussion with you when you're going to act like this. Good day sir.
  5. Thats switching back and fourth which is passive mode lite. I just don't like the idea of having the only incentive to play on a PvP server to simply cause chaos, turning the servers into hellholes when it should be a nice mix, as its way more efficient to do anything else on PvE where you can't be killed.
  6. You absolutely are. Im fine with the game as it is now, and would like to continue playing it this way. You're either advocating to change it or have passive mode lite which is switching back and fourth. You're saying because you don't like the idea of creating a seperate character to play on passive mode enabled servers or hardcore servers that you need to subject everyone to it. How is that fair?
  7. You can do exactly as you're saying under my suggestion. Switch back and fourth between pve and pvp. Just because you're going to have to create a new character to play under a strictly pvp server is completely understandable and has been done countless times in the past with great success. You being upset about this shouldn't be what removes the entire incentive in the game to watch ones back among other things for everyone else.
  8. Point to me playing the victim. and yeah catering to this is very normie, if you have another word go for it. Also just trying to have a discussion and try to ensure i can still play the game the way it is. If you perceive this as "degenerating" thats on you.
  9. Thats not what im saying at all. I said go for having your dumb normie passive mode enabled server, so you can switch back and fourth whenever you want, and have others remain dedicated hardcore so they're on a level playing field with others who actually enjoy the concept of watching their backs. Yeah it does make sense. Many successful games have done this in the past. If you want to switch it should atleast have a paywall like WoW so people aren't just using PVE for missions and using PVP only to kill others.
  10. You among others keep ignoring my point just to yell at a wall with "hur dur muh harassment" "you just wanna grief people" ect when ive said nothing of the sort Nothing wrong with keeping a part of the game the same as it is now and have a pve/pvp mode enabled server for normies.
  11. It seems like you both are arguing with a complete strawman here. No one is saying you can't do as you say, im just saying i want side of it to remain the same instead of having passive mode or passive mode lite (switching between pve and pvp servers) forced upon me.
  12. The problem is the only reason why anyone would go into pvp would be to kill eachother. There wouldn't be any reason to go hunting or do missions with it on, meaning the vast majority would always have it off, another reason why i would like to have the servers that have pvp as a choice separate from actual pvp servers. I think the pings on the map being removed would fix alot, and the vast majority here on both sides agree thats the problem. yes totally agreed there.
  13. First of all thats not how i play, and even if i was you have no ground to assume that as if it would even matter. Im just arguing that the game should be left the same for those who want it to remain the same, and if enough people whine for passive mode they don't just mash both together killing all incentive to do missions or hunt or whatever in PVP in a crap attempt to appease everyone like GTA.
  14. Theres nothing wrong with segregating normies who want to have passive mode allowable from others who want to be locked into a legit pvp experience with everyone else
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