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  1. Ron America became the behemoth it is today because substantively of the two world wars.... Wars which it stepped into at the most opportune moment for itself and it's currency. Whilst I see nothing wrong with that per se, that is the reality... It worked the wars to build the replacement for the tangible European empires it denounced at Versailles in 1919 and created a hegemonic fiscal power base, an intangible empire if you will.... That has not lasted.... Because capitalism turns and the USA along with the UK are now majorly 5th world countries, post industrial and wandering a wasteland of economic misery ..... Both were built on vast export power and control of other countries trade... But that has all withered and now they are left with the patriotic sentiment of power, but not the actual export/fiscal power. It is difficult to explain this highly complex subject, simply ..... For an economy to grow in a capitalist model, one must have immigration of poor people ... They in fact do not take jobs, they create work by their presence... They are willing to work longer and harder for less money than 'a local' because in their view, the money has more value. This creates new work....... It is somewhat strange that America, entirely built on immigration now wants a wall... well, the lower classes and less educated of course. There are many parallels to be drawn between the conditions both social and political of the US and the UK presently with European conditions of the 1920's ... The masses are swallowing the exact same propaganda for the self same reasons..... Economic demise, poverty and mostly fear of the unknown. Whilst businessmen say "Leave me alone so I may prosper' .... The working class/blue collar say "I must be given work" ... When there is no work to be had they look for someone or something to blame ... Immigrants are a very simple target but not the issue in any manner. But people like Trump and the Brexit mob, they pounce on this ignorance and they preach FEAR - GREED - HATE, just like the Fascists or National Socialists or Ultra Nationalists or indeed, Communists .... "Your life is awful because of those people... they are taking what is yours and laughing at you...." Then the masses work out the hate part on their own ... Now the clever part, because they fill in the hate, all of a sudden they think it was all their idea ... as Dr P Joseph Goebbels correctly identified "Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will" Jobs did not leave the USA or UK because of cheap wages per se, they left because the wages of the masses in those countries were dropping in real terms...... In the UK for example, ordinary workers have not seen a rise in their real income since the early 1970's and I suspect the US is the same...... So to sell them goods, one has to make them cheaper... so one sends the work elsewhere ... Today in China they send much work to Myanmar, because China has become too expensive for many products to be made there for it's local economy. The capitalist wheel never stops turning. However it gets worse, much worse very soon ....... The real issue and the change from 20th century Europe is Ai and AGi ...... Ai, Artificial Intelligence and the more problematic, AGi .....Artificial General Intelligence. Ai means we program a robotic machine to do something and it follows those instructions to the letter ... Nothing more or less... If you tell it to paint the car pink, it paints the car pink until told to stop. Or pours coffee or flips burgers ........ Whilst AGI means a computer brain which says ... I think, therefore I am and it learns exponentionally by it;s own powers as a human child does.... but at billions of times the speed In tests so far the issues start when these AGi units talk to another, the fact there is another 'brain' tells them they are in existence, they have something to make comparison with. .... So quite soon while you might tell it paint cars pink, it might decide it prefers blue, or you have too many pink cars. The real upshot is this ... The turn of capitalism has created the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs in the USA & UK ... for them to be replaced by poorly paid service industry work .... But within 30 years there will be no service industry work either, because AGi and Ai will be doing it. Then one has to start to talk about a Universal Basic Income model, as is already happening in the halls of power ... Somehow people, the masses, they have to be sustained when there is simply no work for them...... We are returning to Rome and 'Bread and Circus', or maybe 'Rollerball' ...... But certainly free food and free entertainment. The fundamental issue with that, as my wife a Dr of Psychology will tell you, is the complete loss of hope. Who really buys lottery tickets? Plays bingo and other non-skilled gambling? Poorer people.... Whilst it is often millions and millions to one that they will win.... they still expend a relatively high % of their income on hope. That is what they are buying, hope. So when you have no job, no possibility of a job, when your life choices are very limited and almost totally dictated ... where is the hope? Just as these same people say 'I must be given work', then 'I must be given food and entertainment' they will soon say 'I must be given hope' It is a conundrum yet to be answered ... But the wall? That's just a smoke screen to stop the masses thinking.
  2. Myself I no longer play on-line and will not do so..... Griefed and left ....... In fact by the time R* get around to putting in solo lobbies life will have moved on, if they ever bother. So unless those lobbies arrive real fast, I'll never play on-line. Of course i should be ready and willing to spend €100's and I would... in a private lobby. Because the way I see griefing/trolling or whatever you wish to call it is this: My wife and I go to the theatre to see some opera ... When we arrive the door man is showing people into queue for tickets; there are two lines As we are about to enter and join a queue I say to the doorman ... Me: Good evening..... Both lines the same? DM : No Sir, different. Me : Really? Different how? DM : On the left (he gestures) you pay to go in and get a good seat, with a good view. It's €80 each... Fantastic show. Me : OK.... and on the right? DM : On the right (Gesturing the other side) you pay and get a good seat, with a good view and some little arseholes sat behind you. They'll be talking, texting on their phones, kicking your seat back, throwing popcorn at you and so forth ...... through out the show Me : What? You're joking? ........... Is that really cheap then? DM : No the same price, €80 .... just comes with a these complete arseholes, ensuring the show is totally ****ed up for you... because even when they stop for a bit ... you are just waiting for it to start again! Me : So let me get this straight..... One pays the exact same money for someone to ruin the show for you? But there are people cueing for that? What is up with them? That makes no sense.... Do they know? DM : Yes they know, they are all warned ......... Honestly I've no idea why they do it, though it is strangely popular ...... Maybe they are some sort of arsehole as well ...... who knows. Quite why anyone spends money to be interfered with by idiots, I truly have no idea ... Each to their own, people must do what they like ... But you won't catch me in the right hand queue, that's for damned certain.
  3. Just this second some pathetic little moron lassoo's me, drags me to death ... Me? Oh I am looking at the scenery. Back him comes again... So I shoot him because what option is there So back he comes again, lassoo's me ... So I just ****ing left. **** it, had enough of this utter garbage... **** on line, **** R*, **** the moronic pond life ..... Either they fix it or **** the whole thing. Waste of my ****ing time.
  4. Personally I do not hate anyone, anywhere, as it requires an effort which I never make .... The question is for me ...... 'Dangerous' or 'Benign' to me Micah is obviously dangerous from minute one, so he would go. Dutch seems confused, confused is dangerous ... he would go. Personally I would do this at the same time as Micah, to create a power vacuum which I would attempt to fill with my own candidate. Probably Susan Grimshaw. As for the man in the shop.... [Gallic Shrug] ... Not my problem, he's benign to me, so no view.
  5. It is interesting, if you read the 1* ratings on Amazon they basically all translate as "This game is not COD!" ...... A point many seem to be missing. Personally I am as usual much playing Forza 7 and Horizon 4.... far more enjoyable. If they had expanded the story I would have happily paid for new missions... but not how it is now with the O/L experience
  6. "Waiting to be hand held" You really have no idea who I am my friend and I am not about to elucidate on the subject ... But be assured I am not waiting to have my hand held and I know perfectly well how to survive... It seems you have missed my point..... But never mind, you continue to flex your posing pouch..... but not near me, thanks all the same.
  7. "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht" is of course the original, though Silent Night has been translated from the original Austrian/German into English, French and many other languages ... That much I knew already. What I didn't know was that in 2011 the carol/song was deemed to be by UNESCO an 'Intangible Cultural Heritage' and the 3rd greatest single sold of all time is Bing Crosby's version Though I believe in the UK this is as close as they get to Bing these days .... Bingo There's cultural.......
  8. Last night on YouTube I saw a comment from a guy sick of being attacked by griefers ..... the first reply was "Awwww, who hurt you? It's just a game!!!!!' Now that is a griefer comment. There is it appears a certain level of deeply confused machismo attached to griefing, it is little boys wishing to be men . This why all the cat calling straight from the play ground... they think they are genuinely tough. They think this is how men act.... grown men do not act like that boys It reminds me something an acquaintance told me, he was an instructor for the new entry British Army Para Troopers "They haven't been let out for 3 months , they have just got their wings and are let out...... So they go down the local town and the local boys beat the crap out of them... These young para's mistake being fit the for the first time in their life, with being tough" Just because you have a digital gun in your hand does not mean you should inflict your presence onto someone else ... other people are NOT there to entertain you, infant. So be good little boys and keep to yourself or only attack people like yourself... you know, idiots
  9. The second day I had this 'You have been targetted for assassination" .... Oh really..... click... leave. Absolutely ridiculous ...... Enticing players to kill others in game, players who are not taking part in the bulls*** ...... is beyond pathetic
  10. As well all know seemingly many people are at least unhappy with RDR2 O/L..... Including myself with regard to griefers. But then as I was picking my way through said griefers I had a bit of an epiphany, maybe? Let us imagine we have touched down in Nirvana with RDR2 O/L ... Somehow R* has pleased everyone, all the time...... Then what? Really... then what? Speaking only for myself I will still not like people, I will not be in a posse, I will not be 'matched' .... Indeed even at best the most I can hope for is the Story experience..... Where I have a nice house, all the guns, all the kit, all the clothes and I can gamble, fish, rob, catch wild horses and so forth. But still on-line, no matter how 'perfect' it is I will still have to spend real time money...... R* Nirvana definitely does not include no transactions So either I spend or die in real life... I can see my wife finding me one morning chained to the XBone...... Passed away trying to complete some stupid challenge for just one more 0.03 of a gold bar.... Indeed, politico's will soon ask questions..... Rather than most people who die in their house in west, dying on their toilet; it will soon be in front of RDR2 O/L Honestly, I am at a total loss as to what it is I am supposed to be waiting for? Or will there be perchance a "Jules Verne Time Machine Challenge" where one is spiralled forward in time..... into.... The time of GTA V !!! Look LQQK.... You can now buy a proper car and a beach house AND ....................................! It's a time that R* have certainly not forgotten.
  11. Well, I am not saying anything because I don't know.... One would like to imagine that is the case, but we don't know .... However I do suspect the more people speculate, the more they get aerated about the not knowing. As for YouTube, yes I hear you... But the long and short of it is, there are definitely hysterical people on so many occasions ranting about a game, not only this one. If people think RDR2 On-Line is copping grief, then go have a look at Fallout 76 ...... If people cared as much about world hunger as they do video games, I suspect there would be few hunger problems left.
  12. It poses an interesting question I think - why does R* not do something with regard to this griefing issue altogether? There's little point in people becoming hysterical as many are on YouTube. Rather, calmly and coolly one has to ask .... Why? For example..... Is it historically proven that 'game griefers' spend more money on transactions than non-griefing players? Or some other reasons which I cannot be bothered to think of. Also one has to say, this forum has a few active members with a membership total of c.1872. ...... Meanwhile YouTube content makers, attract thousands of views ... But the first weekend alone, 17 million copies were sold.... 17 million....... This means we are all in a tiny, tiny minority of players.
  13. Maybe as we gain age and even a little wisdom, these moments of impasse come to us more often. Ultimately RDR2 is just a game, the On-Line is imo 5% as well done as the story...... But when you look at the comments from so many on YouTube and so forth, one would imagine it was a cure for cancer, a formula which R* had burnt. Personally I look at the On-Line and wonder what I am supposed to gain from it? Presently the Story is a far better experience than the O/L ..... IMO Myself I play Xbox a great deal because of my own circumstances re health .... However I keep a perspective, it is a game, not a way to gain world peace ...... If someone gains a 100% completion then truly, well done indeed ...... But starvation will not be cured, conflicts will not cease. R* for whatever the reasons, seem to have created a bad situation..... snatching defeat from the jaws of victory
  14. What? In all honesty I really do wonder..... For what possible reason could it matter? If you like RDR2 and the cousins like whatever ... there you go.... And? Myself I drive a certain type of car, well, cars ..... Occasionally at shows I come across other people with different cars... Just as they love their cars, their Marque, their choice ... I love mine ....Although there maybe some very mild leg pulling, no one cares. If I were you I would learn a life lesson here ... Care ONLY about what you think.
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