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  1. @Herta47 I think you've joined already but in order to not leave this request unanswered, i am going to reply here: We are not having a single posse. Instead, every member runs their own posse and we help each other by teaming up in these posses and run the given missions for your moonshine business or camp. We also team up for any other type of mission the game has to offer. You're welcome to join our channels and sessions. We have people playing RDR on a daily basis.
  2. Just figured i am not getting any notifications from this forum. I've changed my settings. But even so, we are still welcoming new members for RDR.
  3. It's both but we are only using the text part of it with custom made Bot system (inside our Discord) to provide maximum focus towards the game. You can run Discord on any Android / iOS phone and you can also run it on a computer if you want. We are barely using voice chat in our group. Main reason is that some of us are not interested in talking and prefer pure game sounds. Since the game is pretty much self explaining, there is no need to constantly follow the chat. Mostly have quick check between missions in order to organize the next step and go on from there. Since Discord is structured in channels, we are also using the chat to share general information about the game or general talk. We are also supporting GTA and Forza Horizon. Most of our members are from the UK, US or EU in general. But we also have people from every other part of the world.
  4. Protecting our deliveries throughout the west. Money needs to be made.
  5. Sometimes it helps to FT to the other side of the map but in most cases it helps to jump to a new session.
  6. Posse having a good day in the west. You're welcome to join us.
  7. Haven't been on this forum for some time. We are international from US west coast all the way around to New Zealand. We are still looking for new members and everyone is welcome to join us.
  8. I've just made a few tests and Paint it Black does in fact work even with Slippery Bastard. I am going to upgrade it to level 3 and add a few Body Shot cards next to it in order to counter additional head shot blockers. This might actually help next time.
  9. No i mean as a counter. So other player has SB and i have PIB. I might try later tonight.
  10. I am not near my XB right now. But just had a thought: Would Paint it Black help? Anyone tried this?
  11. Those guys we've met simply used explosive ammo or dynamite. In order to be successful with this you might not need the most perfect free aim skills. It's just important that the explosion is somewhere close by. But ya, training in free aim will help that's no question.
  12. It does affect me. I can't aim them when they have the card active and i don't know when they will drop out of it and aim me.
  13. Sorry but i won't do such things because those Slippery Bastard players will not stop auto aiming me. They will drop out of Dead Eye for a fraction of a few seconds, aim me, shoot and jump back to Slippery Bastard. That's actually the point i don't like about this card the most.
  14. Thanks for your tips. We might try them out. The highest level we had in posse was 65. But we might actually try to surround them.
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