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  1. Moonshiner role is a joke right now. With the mash starting over and losing $50 almost every time and then the moonshine is ready and it sticks on the loading screen causing you to lose everything that way or when you finally get to do a run and it one bump in the road and lose 10 bottles of shine. It`s crazy right now lol. Also i`ve learned to turn in my pelts for my Trader role before trying a Moonshine run. When it sticks on the loading screen you lose all your pelts as well so it`s a double whammy.
  2. No animals and moonshiner role sucks. Every time i go back to my shack it always has me starting over with no shine ready or even being produced. Says 45 minutes and i go back way before than and always the same. Start over and it costs me money. Can`t do Trader role because of no animals. They really have it jacked up now. On the bright side i can still do Bounties lol
  3. I posted once before about being attacked from a posse of 5 or more. This time i used express ammo and held them off. Tonight i was just trying to build up some cash but was fun to get attacked by 5 and they got their ass kicked. I`m ready for the Moonshiner Role. Who`s ready for the Moonshiner Role?
  4. Anyone heard anything about when PS4 players will get the option back? I read where it was supposed to be temporary but didn`t know if anyone had heard anything different. I miss the option to be able to share and stuff and wish they`d get it back sooner than later.
  5. I was riding off across the field and they came for me. I was also in Defensive mode if that even matters. No hate just thought it was funny is all.
  6. Just hoping that one of the 6 man posse that was delivering some goods are in here. Just wondering how it felt/pissed y`all off after attacking me while i stayed to the side while y`all went by and you decided to kill me? How did it feel when i rode back up and threw all that dynamite killing everyone of you and destroying your wagon. Not much of a posse to let a solo player destroy your whole posse by himself. Guess y`all are more the bully and don`t know how to protect yourselves being in a posse. Next time don`t group up and let me take you out and make y`all leave to another lobby. Not all of us solo players are chumps. Happy hunting y`all.
  7. I haven`t even used my promo special of 25 Gold Bars for $4.99 yet lol I`ve grinded enough to not have to buy them yet but at some point i`ll end up buying them.
  8. It`s been bad for a bit now even worse if you`re a Trader. When mine disappears i just keep trying until i can get it back. Most times i`ll do other things like hunting or doing other missions while i keep trying to get it set back up. I usually get it back after doing a mission or 2 while trying. Believe me as a Trader role it downright sucks when it goes missing.
  9. Prostitutes help build the west. So how about a prostitute role? Start out as a low level prostitute and level your way up to a high level prostitute bringing in big money. Please don`t be mad at me i`m just making a funny joke. But it is true that prostitutes helped the old west become what it was. Happy gaming everyone.
  10. Ok cool and thanks. I`m maxed level trader and always play free roam but never have seen it. Where does it pop up and i`ll keep an eye out for it. And thanks again.
  11. What is the Trade Route? 1st time i`ve heard about it.
  12. Or getting booted because of Rockstar and you lose all your pelts off of your horse. That makes me more mad than losing my camp. I can still play while trying to get my camp back but you can`t get back your pelts once they make you lose them.
  13. Was just on a server by myself and all of a sudden no camp as usual so i look and lobby is full now and damn booted due to Rockstars fault so once again i lost around 8 pelts
  14. So here i am i get me a Bounty and all is good. Heading back to my camp and shoot a Buck Deer. While i`m skinning it a girl rides up and watches me skin it. All is good and she`s cool so i thought she may of wanted the carcass. Load the pelt and watch her get off her horse and start stabbing the carcass with her knife and get on her horse and take off...WTF?? LMAO Makes you feel some have real life issues lol
  15. Thanks buddy i went ahead and got it after i posted this and it only was 15 Gold. Wasn`t sure if most would be able to do it solo but i was why not try it. Bounties kinda suck cause i kill everything that`s Red lol so i`m only getting $6 to bring them in dead. Not to bad though cause i can kill animals for my Trader role until i reach the Bounty so it`s kinda like doubling up a little. Thanks for the help.
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