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  1. I've had my PS5 for awhile and have no issues. I play regularly with PS4 players and I regularly get dropped into lobbies with PS4 players (some who love to take shots/lasso me).
  2. I don't have the PC version yet but the invincibility thing sounds good to me. But I'd just use it to avoid unwanted PvP and griefers.
  3. Welcome to the Rockstar grieffest. This game is as bad as it is good. You have to make this game work for you because Rockstar sure won't. If you come back online, I do recommend that you make sure your Defensive mode is turned on. I'm a higher level and someone was popping me from far away last week. I never saw where they were but Defensive mode stopped me from getting killed.
  4. I didn't see your response until now. Sorry, I don't want you to feel you were being ignored, mainly because I feel that is what you and those like you seem to thrive on. Some apologists for this game manage to handle discussions in a respectful manner. You obviously do not and responded exactly the way I would expect a griefer or bully to do (not that I'm calling you either). Because of your attitude, I feel that even trying to discuss something such as this would be a waste of both our time and efforts, so I really have no intention of discussing this with you further. Yes, I and others will continue to glitch the game whenever we can. For others who may be interested in how and why I formed my views, if you simply look at two quotes from the pre-launch materials for Red Dead Online, you might see why I feel many gamers have been misled. Some have already left the game because of the pro-griefing environment. Others have stayed and continue to try and alter the game to make it closer to what was advertised and what we spent our money on. "Explore the world solo or with friends." (Odd that one of the first things said by most apologists for this game is to ride with others for safety) "We also ask for your help in keeping Red Dead Online a fun and fair environment for everyone." If comments such as that had never been made by Rockstar, there would have been less confusion. The Wild West Online game was at least honest about what it was. Rockstar couldn't manage that.
  5. That's my experience also and that of most I know who play this game. There are some players who say they aren't experiencing this issue (or animal spawn issues) so maybe it's a matter of trying to figure out what they're doing or not doing to be unaffected.
  6. No problem and no offense taken. I've already been over most of what you had said with Kean way back when. Bottom line, the two "sides" are here and will not go away. When the subject of griefing gets brought up, the discussion is supposed to take place, as far as I'm concerned. And, though I play much less now, as long as I can glitch the game, I'll play it.
  7. ...which I disagree with so it leads me back to the reason I (and some other players) intentionally glitch solo lobbies when the game doesn't. Just as I said earlier, typically, there simply won't be a meeting of the minds regarding what does/does not constitute griefing in RDO, especially when we can't even agree on what Rockstar stated in their pre-release materials.
  8. If you say you haven't had an issue with animal spawns or camps, I believe you. But I will say that is not the experience of most players I encounter, both online and in forums. I view this the same way as I do griefing, in that there are some people who will tell you they have never been griefed while others say it happens to them every time they log on. If that's your experience, it would be presumptuous of me to tell you it is not. If you tell my you haven't had a problem with animal spawns for some time now, so be it. But, if you did a poll, I'm betting you'd be in a minority. As for the PvP argument, I go by two main points. First, that the pre-release ads for RDO didn't tell players that purchasing this game would put them at the mercy of griefers and bullies, essentially making this a PvP only affair. In fact, it stated the opposite. I've posted the ads here before, so it's obvious that we are all reading the same content but something gets lost (on one side or the other) when we digest the written material. Second, there are many games that allow PvP but don't allow griefing or bullying, WoW coming to mind immediately. I played that game for years without ever even a hint of the PvP aspect of it, while others took advantage of the PvP almost daily once they got their gear leveled. My assumption is that RDO could have been the same. As someone who has died at the hands of NPC ambushers and encountered various other NPC attacks (as one would in PvE), I have no problem dealing with the adversity already present in the game. No need as far as I'm concerned to add the player bullies and griefers.
  9. That's pretty much what I thought... As a person not interested in PvP, those things you mention are of no importance to me. I only own my PS4 horse, I bought one coat for the cold, I bought one ability card and I don't purchase tonics. As I said, we will never agree because, in essence, we're playing two different games. And the broken state of the game I mentioned (camps, animal spawns) might drive some away...but others, after spending their hard earned money, don't think it makes sense for them to play the game in its broken state when a fix/glitch is so easily accomplished.
  10. We disagree on what "legitimate conflict" was advertised to be in this game and there will never be a meeting of the minds there between us (I've noticed your previous comments also); so it would be wasting both of our times to address that. Bottom line, some feel the game is "fair" as is (with its encouragement of PvP and griefing) , others do not. That's not going to change. So you will continue to play your way and accept whatever Rockstar gives or doesn't give you, while I will not. I'm curious. While I glitch lobbies to avoid dealing with griefers and bullies, currently, another portion of the player base is actively glitching solo lobbies to have access to their camps (because if they can't make camp, they don't have access to Cripps, which means they can't make Trader money) and to increase animal spawns. Is their "cheating" unacceptable to you also, even though it corrects Rockstar's camp and animal spawn issues? I also disagree with your comparison of RDO to Monopoly. My opinion is that the amount of money or "larger rewards" I personally have in RDO have absolutely no bearing on you while in Monopoly they certainly do. Totally different games, totally different goals, at least in my opinion.
  11. I readily accept that you and some others see glitching solo lobbies as cheating, just as I expect Rockstar does. Your prerogative. My "cheating" to glitch a solo lobby has no effect on you whatsoever, so I'm really not moved by that claim, one way or the other. As individuals, we're cut from different cloth as I find "simply robbing you" as harassment, regardless of the context. Just because Rockstar allows people to be griefers doesn't mean they have to take advantage of it. That's a choice each player makes. The game did not promote Online as some constant PvP only experience--which is what this game is unless it's glitched. So, yeah, I'm going to glitch to make the experience as close to the one that was advertised, as close to the one that I expected when I purchased.
  12. Believe me, I'm not trying to speak for you or any else who finds the presence of griefers/bullies at any time as a good thing. I'm just saying that as players, some of us do not. And I agree that according to Rockstar's "rules," it's not griefing to attack a delivery--but it's not something that some of us signed on for when we purchased this game. Playing as an outlaw wasn't supposed to be the only way to play this game online if the promo material is to be believed. "Balanced" as I see it in this game also takes into account the temperament of the players involved. A passive player being attacked by a griefer isn't "balanced" to me. And that's one of the reasons some of us players are glitching solo lobbies and using semi invulnerability glitches.
  13. Solo lobbies in free roam are the way to play this game for some of us. It's great when the game does it by itself because then I don't have to try and glitch one myself. I only do long distance deliveries while in solo lobbies to avoid griefers/bullies.
  14. Yeah, I guess the "lightning reflexes" help to make it only an "occasional annoyance." I guess everyone doesn't have them, so that might be just one of the reasons why some of us see it a little differently.
  15. That would make more sense to me than the confusing mess many players find it to be right now. My opinion is that if Defensive mode "worked" to begin with, there would have been no reason for Rockstar to "adjust" it so griefed players take even less damage. But Rockstar did. Rockstar could "adjust" it down to what you requested, THEN I will consider it "working."
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