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  1. I really hope they implement some sort of temperature system so we need to dress to go to the snowy mountains. Thoughts ?
  2. Holding off in a building with my friends getting public enemy. Grand Theft Auto you couldn't really do this because there was hardly any open building and if you were in a building someone would just shoot a rpg in the door and spawn kill you in a tank you can't destroy
  3. I was thinking that it will act like the Armor trucked in Gta online but of course a tad different you would need to get on the train and find the train cart that has maybe a safe inside and blow it up with TnT. Or maybe see where you can shoot the conductor and make the other train run into it and cause some sort of explosion I don't think we will have the ability to drive it online but who knows it's R* we are talking about here
  4. Yeah when I usto play Red Dead Redemption hardcore free roam me and my friend would camp gaptooth ridge and once the posse whose taking the 6 horse stagecoach we would kill them and take it for our self and have them chase us
  5. I really enjoyed in Red Dead Redemption that when you played in hardcore free roam no one showed up on the radar unless they are running or shooting. I really hope in Red Dead Redemption 2 that they keep this concept because it added a element of surprise when you wanted to sneak up on the public enemy or ambush a posse. I know it will be sorta annoying at time especially how Gta online introduce free roam events but instead of showing the exact location of someone just say the general area like for example if they were in Armadillo say Armadillo but not have there exact location so they can sneak around in building and etc
  6. I really hope we get to see something! But gamescon ends on the 26 so Sunday so maybe rockstar can get the hype going again sometime next week or surprise us on Monday!
  7. Yeah I think they will do what they did for Grand Theft Auto V marketing show off the story character in a trailer then maybe release each separate character trailer then show us the online maybe as the final trailer ( this is of course we have three protagonists)
  8. We were promised news this summer and the end of summer is approaching and we haven't heard anything from rockstar. Not even a single detail have came out from them since the delay...
  9. In the teaser we got to see last October we seen a scene with a train and buffalo, Which seems to be in the Great Plains right out side of black water. When "Americans" first arrived they killed the buffalo to get rid of the native they would often shoot out the window of the train and killing them off. Now back to the story details in red dead redemption they mention that the Pacific union railroad would burn native camps. If the train seen in the trailer came from there pacific union would be a major location for the next installment of the franchise and if we found the date it had opened we could find out the time period of the next game. Side note the train that we see stored away in the building could very well be the one we seen in the trailer. We all also thought it was a ranch that was burning in the trailer but what if it was a native outpost that the railroad company decided to burn down to get rid of the natives in the area ? Maybe that area was known as Beecher hope then after john had left the gang thought it was a good spot to rebuild.
  10. Yeah and keep achievements directed for single player so people who enjoy spending loads of hours in single player have something to aim for rather than hope for a single player dlc ( even though I want undead night at 2)
  11. That will be a very cool feature! It be cool if you go in town you can see sheriffs eyeing you down making sure you don't kill anyone else, I always thought It be a cool feature if you take out a gang hideout ( your clan ) take control of it and it alerts other players and make it a in game invite.
  12. In red dead redemption they had the feature where you can see your breath if your up in tall trees
  13. Yeah it would be a way to connect people and if people are solo they can take part on taking them on and killing off there cattle, for solo players I think they can still do the event but have fewer cattle to sell at a time
  14. In gta v they added a gun running dlc where you can move product and other players can blow up your product. With that being said imagine if they added a similar dlc in rdr2 where you can steal other players cattle or kill them while the owner take them into town to sell for profit.
  15. If they were to do season it will probably be just like Grand Theft Auto v were they just added snow for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day then after that back to the normal weather. It would be to hard to do fall because they would need to change the leaves to brown and have leave falling adding a lot more instead just changing rain to snow and the floor to a snow texture
  16. So I was recently playing red dead redemption and I was doing my journal challenges then I was thinking how will this work in rdr online or if it even will be in the game. My theory that would be cool to see is for example if you complete the sharpshooter challenges you get a engraving like seen in the screenshot. Another example can be if you complete a hunting related challenge you can keep the head of the animal and hang it up in your house. I would love to hear your thoughts on my theory!
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