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  1. They mentioned this a few times since people kept asking. There were never plans for them to expand the game or have offline DLC for the main story. They are going to focus on online only with new releases and updated content.
  2. #SadCowboy

    New Horses?

    Same here. I know reguardless of stats, I always go with what feels best to how I play the game. I have always done this with cars, guns, horses, and so on.
  3. That is what I am waiting on. I gotta do a few upgrades. The game will run fine with what I have now but I want it to run smoother and my PC to be able to handle more games coming out later this year as well as next year. I have to make sure it can handle Doom Eternal.
  4. I bit the bullet and purchased the game. I was going to wait for the Steam release but I wanted the free stuff. Pre-installing it right now. Hopefully it gets done before the game officially releases.
  5. The last game came out for me right at midnight so this means it should drop in a little over 5 hours. I can't remember how they work this out though. They could have changed the release times.
  6. Some people play games like this looking for exploits and then they sell them online. Others happen on them by mistake.
  7. I have seen it a handful of times I think and it makes it kind of hard to handle the player. Like if they are like this for me and not on their screen, kind of gives them an unfair advantage. Like I struggle to shot them if one is shooting at me mid-spaz.
  8. I think they need a passive server option for people who just want to play hunter-gatherer. I too enjoy the hunting aspect of the game and do that more than anything so I would love for there to be some kind of server where players couldn't attack each other. Even if the stats and such are separate from the PvP servers.
  9. I feel like they didn't spend enough time on the creation formatting and should just clean it out and redo it. Just allow people to re-edit their characters without losing anything when it happens. I know it is a fat chance they will do it this way but at this point, I think it would be the best way to fix it.
  10. If you have the money and the space, buy another cheap horse and sell it back. See if that fixes it. According to my friend it does.
  11. I don't know if they could actually program something in the game for this, but it would be nice. I have gotten killed a number of times while hunting. I'll be mid skin and just get blasted from the back like you OP.
  12. My buddy just started playing and was ironically enough asking for some good loot spots. Will share this with him. I'll tell him to join the forum as well since he is always looking for posses to join. He can't stick with just one. lol
  13. The will likely cycle items like this in and out of the shops in the future. I wish I knew when they would be bringing stuff back or releasing new items.
  14. Some of those ideas are great. If you do end up contacting Rockstar with your suggestions and ideas, please come back and share what they said. I like to see what they actually say in their replies to stuff like this when it comes to general ideas and suggestions.
  15. I like a mix of 80's and 90's rock, especially the grunge scene. I don't have a favorite song. It would take me too long to pick only one considering I probably have like a top 50 songs list that I can't even put in order lol
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