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  1. This can be a stretch but is his game not up to date? I am fairly certain game updates run auto on consoles but in the off chance they are turned off somehow, it is worth checking. Also as Kean mentioned, contacting Rockstar directly will be helpful if it is something wrong on their end. Report back for others having the same issue!
  2. Nice share, I will check it out. I am not sure if I had been here before or not online but I want to find out. Looting once every 24 hours could be decent too.
  3. I will have to come back and read these more thoroughly. I kind of skimmed them. I find that most people want the same things though and from what I gather it comes down to things that will keep the game interesting, appeals to group players as well as solo players, and not become a game where you have to pay for everything.
  4. Welcome friend. You got some nice taste when it comes to video games. I have to ask because I ask most MGS fans this... Which Metal Gear Solid game is your favorite?
  5. Welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy it here. Glad to see people still joining and enjoying the game. I am not as invested as I was the first time around but I am still really loving it.
  6. The concept is interesting but it isn't for me. I like to have a library and value more privacy. It is kind of why most games I play are done on PC now over consoles.
  7. That is a fun little game I have played with my group a few times. Sometimes it can be great other times, it can just be annoying. We attacked another posse once and they all scattered like roaches. lol
  8. Thanks for the info man. I was wondering which did what and how some players were able to take so much more damage than others. Kind of makes sense now. I have to pay more attention.
  9. Are you talking about a specific multiplayer game or just online in general? I am a bit confused by the question here.
  10. I am thinking they will run an update before spring break (the week leading to Easter Sunday). Just because a lot of people are off from school and take time off from work that week. I can't imagine them not doing anything till summer. EDIT: Just noticed the post above me. I kind of figured we would see one.
  11. I thought I had an issue with my mic till this happened with someone else I play with. I think something is getting messed up. It can't all be our mics. Maybe some kind of update needs to be done for posse/group chat.
  12. There are a few different groups I have run across that will post outside of bars in major cities. They wait to see players playing alone roam through or in small groups (2 or 3). Then one of their dudes will trail them until the player(s) decide to stop and fire at them. Then the entire group will show up and just mow them down. I guess this is considered a trap. Happened to me 2 times. I tend to avoid areas where a lot of people are just sitting still in.
  13. We should have like a pinned thread or something for this. Like when you contact Rockstar, post your message to them in the thread and then post the response you get if you get one. That way we can see what others are having issues with and possible tackle the same things to help them out a bit on what is most important to us, the players.
  14. If you take your time exploring and doing side missions then the game is actually quite robust in length. You can rush it and it will feel shorter but even then, it is still longer than a lot of other titles.
  15. It has been some time since I actually got hooked on anything mobile related. I mostly just use things like Solitare, Chess, ect. to pass the time. Some are online but most are not.
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