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  1. Too bad the later titles of Midnight Club aren't on PC Was thinking of GTA (VI)ce earlier. Wouldn't it be cool if you played as an undercover police officer (maybe a female protagonist) this time around? Then have a choice to be corrupt or not? Or could that ruin GTA as we know it?
  2. ??? So, whatever was in my post was too extreme for ole pennywise? Ha give me a break. This thread is on a quick route of flogging a dead horse at this point in time.
  3. This is getting off-topic now. Don't care if you offended or not. You're the one having the vague replies with a condescending attitude. You take care bud. Enjoy your online experience. Rockstar will balance everything out sooner or later and it'll be awesome for ya all.
  4. Nah, got better things to do than to be trapped inside a carousell format of a video game. No offense dude
  5. Well, got to bounce out of this thread. Gonna practice talking to a wall to be on the same level with the "certain" kind of replies that myself yam seeing.
  6. @Zampen Oh, okay. Enjoy your own weird ideas then. Will enjoy my own.
  7. Well no one so far read what was mention on my part. The animals left over are given to a npc tribe for a honor boost instead of being handed other players.
  8. Ha...so just give up? Sounds logical.
  9. Probably have no room to get in this topic. Never played RDIIO and won't ever invest time into it. Mainly for the reason "been there, done that". Played GTA Online religiously for years. That system had an ammo share and a food share between others and didn't make people lazy to buy their own food items and ammo. Yes, it's different two games. The blueprint of the online versions are fairly close to each other. Look at it as Rockstar's main goal was to make a good "semi-arcadey/ driving" game for GTA and a great hunting game for RDII which happen to take place in a western era. Intrigued by @lumper 's proposition and also respect the opposing opinions that are "respectful" in return. Had a "native" ideal to it until finding out the OP went full "Saint Hubertus" but not literally but some parallel, don't know who that is look it up it's a very good lesson and a short read. Maybe this idea can work and work for all. Let's say you by accident went overboard on the hunts and had no room to store. Makes no sense to have something waste virtually or for the real world. Not sure you guys and gals can ammo share and food item share with friends in the game yet. Just thought of this and here it is. Share canned food items with others while you're within the proximity to them and share ammo as well. The hunting part if you went overboard by accident. Maybe an introduction of a new item as in a flute or horn you sound off for a native tribe come to you at the spot to pick up everything you can't store as a donation/peace offering to their tribe to receive good honor for your online character. Yet, don't know if Native Americans are even in the online so that idea might have no traction at all.
  10. Cool! Good to hear you're enjoying the game. Didn't know PS4 OS v6.00 are present on the install disks. Good to know. Thanks bud
  11. Saw somewhere Bully was in development or something in that nature few months back. Not very sure if it's true. Yet, makes some kind of sense they'll want to do the other IP's before GTAVI Whenever they do the sixth installment hopefully it's back in Vice City really would like to see good ole VC in the HD universe and see how much everything changed from the last one. Maybe it'll be GTA (VI)ce City set in the 90's. We might have to wait around three or four years from now five years tops. Or they'll surprise everyone next year with a trailer for something new. Takes them a lot more time to develop in this generation from what we noticed.
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