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  1. Online is supposed to be either you can roam by yourself, or with the posse. do missions, side missions, and, or PVP lobbies. What it is not is.. it is not cod, it is not a PVP free for all. It’s supposed to be like the story, but you can play with your friend. Currently you cannot go hunting alone, or fishing alone, because a Grefer will come out of nowhere and just take you out.
  2. WOW! Griefers really suck. But yeah what he was doing on his horse is what the other guy was doing to us. But it seems like this guy was targeting only low level players. Thank you!
  3. I hate killing horses too. Don’t like it when people killed my horse. So I try to avoid it. But now it looks like I’m going to have to be a horse killer to any Grefer. And yes he had both those parks. I will definitely try your method. Thank you!
  4. This is very helpful. I did not know that’s how it worked. Anyone that has this perk the horse is dead for now on. Thank you.
  5. Yeah it was 3 to 1. But he was like a level 98 with all the parks and we couldn’t kill him. No matter what we did this idiot just kept following us. No I didn’t say anything crazy. I just messaged him to let him know that I reported him. I have no idea what he said to Xbox to get me banned.
  6. This Grefer was completely harassing me and my friends for over a half hour. I got so fed up that I finally decided to report him to rockstar into Xbox. I made the mistake of letting him know how upset I was and that I had reported him for grieving us. He retaliated and now I’m banned from Xbox live for three days. Rockstar needs to do something about Griefers immediately. It’s not fair that all I’m doing is trying to play a game and I can’t do that in peace. I have screenshots of this kid messaging me back and laughing at me because I’m the one that got band instead of him.
  7. I read a lot of comments on here. I just started playing red dead on line today. And unfortunately I could not complete my first free roam mission, because I had one idiot who will not leave me alone. I was trying to meet a stranger in blackwater, and as soon as I enter Blackwater I was shot dead. I had no clue what happened, so when I respawned I tried to continue to the stranger. With the same idiot shot my horses and then shot me again. I respawned, went into my map to try to find him, and he shot me again. I just turned the game off, and came here to find a solution to this. And what I’ve read so far is not reassuring. I don’t like the ps idea. Had bad experiences with idiot switching to passive and you can’t retaliate. Best idea I heard so far is a bouncy and jail system. Rockstar should track the amount of players killed by a single player and free roam. So if you’re out there fishing, or hunting, or maybe just going for a ride on your Horse. If someone comes up behind you and just needlessly murderers you, they will instantly have a bounty on their head. You then will spawn fairly close to that person, so you could be the first to retaliate and collect the bounty. Then Said person would be in jail, and will not be able respawn to free roam for 24 hours. After leaving jail if that person needlessly murders another player he would then have a body count, and an increase in bounty. With each murderer body count and Bounty will increase +24 hours in jail. This will give us players that’s just trying to play the game and needlessly get interrupted by some idiot, the satisfaction of retaliating and getting something in return in the form of the bounty. Plus knowing that they won’t be back to bother us. And for those players who likes to constantly “watch their back’s” Will have an added intensive level of watching your back with the bounty on your head.
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