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  1. Feel free to join De Ruyter Gang (ps4) Check the recruitment here:
  2. De Ruyter Gang is looking for loyal fellow outlaws! We are a tight group, a fashionable family, and a wealthy one. We know the ways of the west and the best ways to make money and spend our free time doing events like brawls and other contests. We're all from europe and prefer europeans (due to time difference) but others are welcome. What you need to join: -mic + good english -being 18+/relaxed attitude -being an active player -teamspirit -loyalty We currently have 12 members and want to expand to 17 or even 22 members. Interested? Add me on psn: YoMomsLovah soon Mention in request: De Ruyter Gang We do a 1 or 2 week trial based on how active you are and have a vote if your'e here to stay. From here on, You'll never ride alone.
  3. You are welcome to join "de Ruyter gang" we're growing fast.. add me on psn: YoMomsLovah
  4. "De Ruyter Gang" has big plans, and no it does not involve Tahiti.. We are a honorable gang with good team spirit in for money, laughs and money. Did i say money? Stranger missions, hunting, showdowns and just messing around. All with mics and good english. Just casual and mature players. Yours truly, John De Ruyter. Add me on psn: YoMomsLovah We also have discord.
  5. You guys are welcome to: "De Ruyter Gang" Its a gang in development and we are looking for good and loyal members.. We all have mics and know how to make good money.. Like playing showdowns together too. Add me on psn YoMomsLovah Mention rdr2 posse forum and i will add you to the gang!
  6. Hey maat! Ik heb een posse gestart genaamd De Ruyter Gang. Zit je op ps4? Add me: YoMomsLovah. Ben opzoek naar mensen om missies mee te doen en geld te verdienen!
  7. De Ruyter gang is a Dutch gang but our english is just fine. We all got mics and good team spirit. No griefing just missions, showdown, hunting and other money making. feel free to add me on psn: YoMomsLovah
  8. I started a posse called the "Ruyter Gang" feel free to join! Im dutch but my english is fine. Add me psn : YoMomsLovah
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