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  1. Once again you completely ignore what i write, and you do not get to try and take the high road after the way you have behaved. But you are right were done, i don`t see a reason to stay part of this community with a moderater so hostile. I can`t find the delete acc any were,so if you could do it or tell me how, i think we would all be happy. To the rest ty for some great debates, have fun out there.
  2. Once again i never said folks on roofs were glitching, i said they are more likely to use exploits(atleast in my expirence). I have always been polite and helpfull on here(expept when the gold released to had to defend R*) and as a higher lvl player i get my jolly by helping low lvl players do missions, clear the way of griefers, and giving tips via xbox mess when people ask. Would i like more content asap, you bet i would. Have i posted about that here and to R*, again yes. I have done this in a polite and constructive manner. so for you to call me out like this, implaying im disrespectful and taking my frustrations out on my fellow members is not ok at all.
  3. Who on earth would want to shoot up Strawberry? The friendliest place in all of RDO haha.
  4. If you read what i said before spewing this nonsens out, you would know i wasent acusing him of anything, i simply stated that players who does cheap things like sitting on a roof blasting away, will use more cheat and expoits. oh he even call it kill- exploits.
  5. Yes because roofhuggers never shoot people trying to sell there hard earned skins at the butcher. It`s cheap and i find that folks doing that are more likely to use glitches, exploids and just allround griefing.
  6. That is exactly what happend, keept pulling my the rifle out. Yes the jumbing seems to be the only way to get of. Could be a problem if someone starts shooting at you and you`r only defence is to jumb around haha.
  7. Had bug and hour ago were my guy would not dismount my horse. And since the update my crosshair is of center when locking on to people. I still don`t get why R* holds out on the gambling, and the horse bug is still there, every time i start a story miss i start with that god damn nag.
  8. Easy there is none. The only one getting a penalty is you, when you shot the griefer and get a negative morality bumb. But don`t worry in a couple of month R* will bring in a bounty system, ofc if you end up killing the bad guy alot, i suspect you will end up with the bounty on you`r head instead lol.
  9. Yes the mode is fun, but it is not what i think most of us wanted. There are so many more important things that needs fixing or be added, like the horse bug, the saint denis exploid, gambling, butchers up north, no penalty for griefers, private sess, free aim sess and the list goes on. Even as a 36 year old man, this update made me feel like a kid on christmas, who just got a sweater instead of that great new toy.
  10. Sorry to say, but sounds like you wont be playing for a while then. No private roam, no free aim roam. Feels like R* is not aware that a lot of there players are free roam pve players. Also when the new bounty system comes, what happens when i shot the griefer who tries kill me? Will i get a bounty on my head?
  11. I feel you, im so dissapointed with this game mode, it`s not even and update. Also no talk of gambling in the game. No horse fix, no exploid fix. Every thing on the update list they posted should already be in the game. But hey atleast the pvp players got a poor tiny battle royale. As a big fan of R* i just want to say this, boooo R* boooo
  12. Gun rush is open to play. Small battle royale, really had hoped for a big update.
  13. Free aim only free roam would end so much griefing i think, shotouts against npc & players would be way more tatical and fun. Would also like to see prospecting in this game. Happy new year folks.
  14. Yes the last 4-5 days have been insane. Even pose members are blasting each other. It`s like a christmas rage virus have been released on the world of rdo.
  15. I wonder if you are targeted, could you enter a shop and ghost mode the 5min?
  16. Just got the Fox trotter and a new sadle, so there goes around 1,4k. I will say it is worth every penny, havent looked once for the shoot my horce in the face option, since i got Big Bertha.
  17. Got my fox last night, named her Big Bertha 😀 Holy smoke that is one fast horse.
  18. Maybe if you were to turn of your mini map you would vanish from others. We need that free aim free roam, but free aim only missions would also be great, not a big fan of the rushing right now.
  19. Sry my bad, no source. But we only got to kill 1 of the 4 who framed us. So like you i expect as much.
  20. Wow you almost sound proud cheater. You do know that the only people you **** over is the other players right? And not R*
  21. Don`t forget we also have around 75% more story missions comming.
  22. Haha you will do no such thing. When this hits pc you will buy a cheat pack, and call your self a hacker.
  23. And do you know why they nerfed the gold, because some people were using exploits to cheat their way to easy gold.
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