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  1. Why don’t u form ur own posse amigo n name it Ned Kelly or something along those. I love seein guys n gals making this game their own I am based in the uk so unfortunately never see wild dingos or kangaroos. However I’m on at strange hours so I’d most likely catch u sometime also we share the same queen tho not sure if that’s gud to u personally anyhow giv me a reply if u want to add a pomme brother in arms to your friend list n I’ll help u out anytime amigo I’m also Xbox one n level 44 amigo
  2. Pity your psn coz I’m only 2 levels higher than u n wed hav liked moseying n doin misssions n huntin etc as I’m from uk also but on Xbox one. Anyhow gud luck out there amigo
  3. No sorry man I just st have 2 gamer tag profiles that’s all basically I never liked the design of my first character n he looked like he hit every branch of the ugly tree while climbing as a child lol
  4. Hi did u manage to get added to hooverads posse as he’s real good at helpin folk with huntin etc I been kinda trying to level up my both characters lol I have but been mainly playing as my other character but u sound a perfect player to mosey with n I’d love to help you level up man sorry for my late reply I too have a busy offline life too lol so I try to do as much a poss whenever I can . Let me know if u want to posse up with a level 30 player n I’ll send u my other character gamer tag look forward to hopefully moseying mate
  5. Yo I haven’t been on red online that much since Xmas, what with all the running around we need to do preparing n stuff. The last time I passed up with boba was about two to three weeks ago I think n I’m still only level 17 of course I wasn’t too happy with how my cowboy looked so I have been workin on another at times but again I hav not been on that much as the repeatable missions, grief era and posse members shooting u after you join them takes its toll, also I hav odd hours when I can get online due on o my wife being disabled etc. But I anyone wants me to posse up with me send me ur gamer tags I’m happy to help m watch your back if u don’t mind a level twenty ish cowpoke moseying with yall? Peace
  6. Been checking on this myself coz after the last time with the regulators I just got really angry and quite verbal to say the least. Dice hoovered and diligence mentioned the ghosting and cheating it does get u mad especially when the regulators lik e many others are just wantin to play the game fair n honourable I hav almost been thinking of giving up online gamin it’s that bad. Coz I thought it was me n I had a problem. To be honest this believe it or not is the first time ever played online multiplayer n I was really enjoying it so in future I’ll just jump servers as advised by marshal hoovered and his deputy the six gun shooting dlknives. Peace
  7. Darn it I too would have loved to posse up n have the luck o the Irish moseying with me but like HooverRAD I too am an Xbox cowboy but good luck out there Makaveli my hombre
  8. Chavez LL that’s it my Microsoft gamer tag was updated but something messed up but that’s definitely it Chavez LL
  9. Sorry everyone I’m sometimes a little brainless not realising wot my gamertag was duh. Anyhow it’s Chavez II
  10. Hi I’m kind of newish to this multiplayer thing but your post is exactly wot I’ve been looking for,like many folk who replied to your post I too am a bit of an old gun but I hope this doesn’t put u off, I myself am not disabled butt my wife is so I get a good bit of time on this brilliant game,as my wife is online a lot too on her games etc. I too am on gmt so I’m usually on from 7 to morning so please get back to me pardoner,I also don’t like grieving or griefers who I think have the worst disability ie being dimwits lol ,one prob I got for now is I don’t have mic yet but Xmas is a coming n I don’t have a gamer tag as far as I know, remember I am still new but I am levelling up good hope to hear from u soon
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