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  1. ...?? WTF ? Who's playing this game ? Only people that wasted their brains with acid ? What's wrong with them ?
  2. Well done. You have done a wise thing. Keep it on and you'll see the story is nice. And now....I'm getting back my gaming desktop soon.....so....to add to PSN is....STEAM incoming ! LoL Ciao
  3. I followed what Besthesda Games Studios did. And EA/DICE. I hope Rockstar does not have burglars in management. Else there will be at least one reset. Or two. Or whatever. Let's hope. For you I mean, I don't play online until it's ready. Ciao
  4. Some people take drugs. Others even worst. So... let him boost whatever, it's helping the economy. Poor him.
  5. Truth I need to know how is Mario Kart online today. Can you tell me ? Questions like...fast ? nice as always ? many people online ? I pay the hardware+game or maybe something more for online services ? Anything , thanks ! Ciao, hope 2019 started well 🙂
  6. Guys, God of War.....story mode only........FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!! I strongly suggest this if you like killing and smashing plus some looting and searching. FANTASTIC x 2 ! Check out reviews and gameplays. I'm into it full time now. Waiting for RDR2 new content...in the meantime....GoW and all it's kingdoms and armours to create/enhance, tons of enemies, travelling...well...look at it ! Ciao !
  7. You are both right. Mario Kart is so entertaining. Pity WII network is no longer active. I did not buy newer Nintendo consoles. What console can you use Mario Kart online today ? Is it Wii U or Switch or what ? Don't even know if there are other consoles. Might buy it again one day, a 2nd hand one might be a good buy
  8. Done with story. Online freezed forever until major changes will come. Please send me (or community...I ask the admins) e private message so we get emails when new BIG changes will come to online. Starting today I'm into God of War. Setting weekly digest. Ciaoooooooooooooooo
  9. Ciao, I like to play online with others. As RDR Online is no good (this is OOT here) I found and am having fun with OnRush ( https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4001-CUSA10887_00-ONRUSH0000000000 ). Short matches, very fast, drive as you like, nobody telling you exactly how to drive... cool. Question: know another game similar to this ? Not necessarily cars. Can be anything, need to be online, fun, not too expensive, possibly beating/smashing things and/or people. Thanks, ciao !
  10. We're all right. And if we start commenting about gold ...the end is always the same. So I won't. I've gone to OnRush now, need some adrenaline. Will start an off topic one. OOT here. Again, no online for me, pity, because I was a huge fan years back of the online.
  11. No, I'll wait. Not doing Online now. No.
  12. And where is Rockstar ? Don't give a F ?
  13. I really hope his console goes on fire and burns the disc inside, the Internet router and while he jumps away he runs in the cables and his LCD crashes on the floor. Life ban wanted for this genius.
  14. So...we all know how Online is...personally I'm not playing it after I tried it a couple of hours...don't like it...but I have a question: On the long term, when some DLCs will be out, which may require some guns/gear to be unblocked at level 60/80 etc....what if we start playing then....and are stuck behind at level 10 because we didn't like it ? We'll have a very hard time I suppose. Or it's never going to happen ? Are levels going to go like RDR when there were 5 cycles of levels (don't remember the word sorry), so actually about 500 levels in total ? Do we need to level up the man a bit every now and then ? Or who cares ? I know it's not a pro question, pardon me, but doing a few levels per month cannot kill anyone, we can make it. Thanks, ciao
  15. So I've revisited all site, hideouts, map, seen all of it again....and again. I think I'm done. Putting it aside until some DLC is out. There is nothing else to do. The online sucks, horrible, am not going to continue it, no way. If there is any reason not to, pls tell me. I'm looking for some other multiplayer games now. Need to go online and play. Ciao
  16. Hi, in story mode, after completion, where can I go back (whenever I want) to make some big kills ? Hideouts are vanished ? Or must I kill a whole town... ? Honor can go to zero, don't mind at all. Thanks !
  17. Hi, I just think you used the wrong words. Yes, I won't finish the game as well, sure, but I don't care. I loved all the main missions, side ones too. Game is beautiful. I had finished twice RDR; RDR2 I won't, no problem with that. Just some "missions" and things to collect I'm not interested, so what. We must not be psychos and go crazy if you don't read 100% on your score. Who carez. Game is beautiful, the story mode obviously. And let's wait for the DLCs. Ciao
  18. Exactly, like real life. It's the Far West, not friendly at all. A snake byte and bye bye. It's supposed to be like that. Who wants an arcade ? Nobody. But you smoke something I think. Though your comments are indeed correct. I appreciate the reality of the game, the cold water. It should even be more realistic and too easy sometimes. Example ? If you crash into a tree, another horse or objects, many times they are "automatically" dodged or jumped...we should crash always if not approached properly. Ciao
  19. I went 100% only in two games ever. Borderlands 2 and Gears of War 3. But those are artistic pieces, eight and ninth wonder of the world. Period. Ciaoooo
  20. Cool. Make a voting system or website and then push results to Rockstar.
  21. Hello. Are there any planetary stats anywhere on how many people (or hours/day or per week) use story mode rather than online mode ? I just have Steam stats in mind...that's all online, ok, but very nice to see trends and quantities of gamers per game. Thanks
  22. I don't think it's too bad....after all.....anybody has seen hitmarker style names in game ......... xXx*****xXx .... that's a shooter eh ?
  23. All, this is the place in Milano (north Italy) where you can have these great pizza. Place is there since many years, it's small, nothing beautiful to look at but ...but...it's the best place I know. Of course if you go to south Italy you will find other excellent places. But in the north not so many. Sign this in case: https://www.tripadvisor.it/Restaurant_Review-g187849-d2219304-Reviews-Al_Paradiso_della_Pizza-Milan_Lombardy.html I go here since 15 or more years I think. Only reason I didn't go before is that I did not know about the place. Pity. Ciao !
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