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  1. Removal of Ability cards. This is an absolute necessity as it is ruining the classic feel achieved from the first RDO online where it was more down to skill rather than cards being equip. Second would be removal of the Core system in PVP.
  2. I just dont even bother equipping any. They shouldn't be in the game to start with, and Im not abut to embarrass myself by resorting to artificial ability cards in competitive modes. Especially not when there are so many players in early/mid levels who are not even close to affording a decent load out of cards and stand no chance otherwise. Hopefully Rockstar patches cards out of PVP and restore somewhat of the classic feeling PVP had in RDR1. Ability cards are like the High Power Pistol of RDR2, they are there purely to level the playing field so that average players can have an advantage over those who are just naturally better.
  3. The point is however, no card should allow you to take more than 1 headshot
  4. Ability cards shouldn't even be in the game. Or atleast not in any PVP related activities. A player should never be able to tank 3 to 4 headshots and survive.
  5. As a huge fan of RDR1s PVP, the PVP modes in RDR2 are a huge disappointment to say the least. Rockstar desperately need to overhaul this mode and remove/add certain components. Aiming: While RDR1s gameplay was more reliant on your skill at headshotting and timing your roll, RDR2 is more reliant on who has the better ability cards and the fuller deadeye/core. PVP should scrap the entire core and aim sway mechanic during matches, or just give players an empty core to start with however remove the aim sway and accuracy penalty. Aiming should be entirely dependant on your ability to snap and flick to get head shots. if you aim at someones head, it should hit them in the head. Ability Cards: These need to be scrapped entirely from PVP modes. its entirely unrealistic and unfair that if two players run into each other face to face, one can potentially tank 3 to 4 head shots with a bolt action while being able to pop the other in the head with a varmint rifle. These modes need to be more balanced so that every 1 on 1 encounter is even (other than accrued deadeye from previous kills) and reliant entirely on each players skill/accuracy/speed in the instant. RDR1 did this perfectly and it was entirely possible for a decent skill player to come face to face with 3or 4 other players and outshoot them all through timing of rolls and headshot accuracy. Spawns: We all know the spawns in RDR2 PVP modes are a joke. The maps are far to large and you tend to spawn so far out of town you are running sometimes for a good 30 seconds+ to get back into the action. Either this or the game will repeatedly spawn you in the same open location both other players to pick you off over and over frm the safety of cover, full deadeye (perfect aim advantage), and ability cards nonsense. Some of the maps such as Tumbleweed have you spawn so far away on top of hills or other side of mountains etc, While Blackwater can spawn you waist deep in the river. Instead, all spawns should be evenly scattered around the outside edges of towns, not out in the wilderness requiring you to run back to the map. Weapon Cocking: This is annoying to say the least. Its all well and good to require you to **** your weapon, but the game as it sounds now, magically un-***** your weapon after you perform the slightest action outside of running or jumping. Climb a fence?, re-****, climb a box?, re-****, switch weapon back and forward?, re-****, drink a tonic?, re-****. The game needs to remember the cocking of weapons and only require a re-**** after a bullet is fired. Map Blips: This is far too inconsistent, either make everyone appear all the time, or make no one ever appear or turn the radar off entirely. I would tend to go with make everyone visible always, this ensure everyone always knows where everyone else is and matches are faster paced as players don't need to search around for the enemy. Anyway these are my two cents. Though I am sure I can think of other gripes. They may as well also scrap the Battle Royal Also and replace it with decent modes from RDR1 such as grab the bag.
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