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  1. Thats why I shoot first and ask questions last. Sucks your buddy was caught in the middle of skinning. Good thing you were there to have his back. Just like in real life. I never go hunting alone lol. Yea I know this is a game but there are people who try to take advantage of these situations.
  2. Right! If it was like that I think some people would be more likely to form a partnership but I can see a lot of backstabbing happening. I know if you were looking to sell pelts for more in the badlands (and only you can get more to prevent backstabbings) I would guard and try to provide security for you because of past dealings. Not much. I don’t hunt or fish as much as you do. I make most of my money in showdown and some money from looting NPC. I spend a lot of time doing pvp. When I get a treasure map or feel like exploring I get into free roam. Reason why I said I take out whats in my path lol. I am going for the treasure. The PvP part of the game is ok but its just confined into a small area and no horse.
  3. Griefers wouldn’t take you up on that challenge. I would do it just cause it would be fun. Lol that is the reason why I do it. If R* removed it that stuff then looks like I will be requesting to join your hunting party. The game needs more towns and some of these towns can be a safe haven for out laws where npc law mens dont enter but if a player who wants to be a law man enters, the npc outlaws will gun them down. while other towns will have npc law men who shoots outlaws on site with no questions ask of they step foot into town. Man you know how cool that would be if there were law men patrolling a popular fishing spot. You can sell your pelt in a safe area but if you want double the payout you can risk it going into the bad lands and selling it there. This is just how I wish the game would be.. a good balance of good guys and bad guys.. fighting it out.. i can make good with someone with honor and trade booze which is worth more in good towns for good pelts which is hard to come by in a run down area.
  4. Lol you would really wager your 3 star pelts against someone who has a 1 star? All you have to do is deny the challenge over and over. I know if the role was reverse I wouldn’t take a challenge. You have more to lose and they have more to gain. Don’t get me wrong. I would duel people for their goods cause I like the challenge, but to majority of people it would be easier to just shot you and take it. R* gives griefers xp for kills and tracks the number of players killed. If getting xp was removed and taking pelts from someone wasnt an option. I can honestly say I would just pass other players on by. There has been some that has asked why and that is part of the reason why I do it. Not looking for anyone’s approval for my justification. I have to at least get something for it. If you gain nothing for shooting another player and someone does it.. thats just being a douche..
  5. Maybe you should go back further than the last 2 days where I said I have helped people out before. I will kill someone hunting to get what they have but I can help someone if they message me for help. Youre acting like I been going back and forth the last two days. The only challenges I have in the game is I can’t play it how I want. Having NPC chasing me is not that challenging. I want to shot everyone and build up a bounty on my head. I want to be on the wanted dead or alive posters. I was doing a treasure search and it just so happens someone was in the same area doing the same. I was ready to shoot him but he messages asking for help to find it. He was lucky his treasure box was in the same spot as where mine was. Just cause I’m an outlaw doesn’t mean I wouldnt lend a hand. If Cola kid and his posse need help catching someone and I am asked I will help. It won’t betray or backstab someone but after the job is done and we both walk away.. the next encounter we have might not be as friendly.. what would be the proper way to do this? I tell you give me your pelt and I won’t shoot you. You give it up and we then both walk away? Lol I highly doubt you would give me your pelt and if you do.. I am sure I will get shot as I am walking away lol
  6. Not really. I am getting shot at and chased by law men constantly in story mode lol. I get someone putting you down while you’re putting a worm on your hook. I been there and done that (on both sides of it). Its just something in the game that we have to deal with. Ibisially just laugh and aay I should have known better.. then proceed to send bullets in the person’s direction. Maybe bring a buddy to watch your back?
  7. Chasing someone around the map killing them over snd over to me is just harassing someone at that point. Yes they are RPing an outlaw but when you go out of your way to chase someone. Then you are being a douche bag. Not sure where you got the backstabbing a herb collector from but I usually don’t stop to observe. I assume you bagged a buck and I putting you down to take it. If there was an option for me to rob you without killing you, I would go that route, but its easier to just put ya down and safer for me. And I agree the person is within their rights. This is where I put someone down over and over for trying to get revenge but then turn around and act like they are being chased around. I usually ride off and get chase. I saw your generous offer above. If there are people who want to play play the game I will gladly give my gamertag to them. I don’t want to post it in public just to have people message me to talk smack about what I do. Which is probably going to happen if I do add my gamer tag. If you want to play cops and robbers to prevent me from causing chaos and protecting people then lets jump on the game. Thats the challenge I look for in the game.
  8. The whole honor thing I said before would be a status that you personally set yourself. There would be a grace period of a minute or whatever time frame so you can just revert back and for immediately. That way you don’t have those who pretend to be good just to get in a situation and easily flip on people. There are people like me who want to play as an outlaw and the moment I am on there is a bounty on me giving others a choice to try and hunt me down.
  9. You don’t want to be bothered and you don’t want to fight to fend them off then I don’t know what to tell you. As of right now your options aren’t that great to better enjoy the game. I can only tell you what I do and i am by far not as bad as some of the other griefers I seen that just harass people none stop all over the map. I am on outlaw with honor on xbox. If you are on and need to hire a outlaw to help protect ya while you hunt I will be more than willing to help and do my best. If not thats fine.. just know when I ride into Valentine NPC and everyone there is not safe. Well maybe your horse.. it gets expensive to start putting horses down..
  10. Haven’t had much luck in chat. Just people trash talking and mouth breathers. I haven’t gone into a server where I didn’t have to mute some people.
  11. I had that happen many times.. i just see it as it is part of the game and excitment. I am telling you guys. if you are off on your own and pink dot is headed your way.. don’t stand there and wait.. don’t pull your rifle out with a show of force.. you put that person down right off the batt.. pack your stuff and run if you have deer or what not.. don’t engage in a di*k measuing contest and hold your ground unless you just started hunting and have nothing to lose.. eventually he will pop a headshot and get you.. everything you spent time for is gone.. if they make an announcement to want to join the hunt the make them join your posse and set friendly fire on but still keep some distance. Whenever traveling down a path I would say go off trail if you see a pink dot coming in the same direction. This is where I catch a lot of folks. They have no idea if the person is friendly and things move a lot faster cause 2 people are headed towards each other. Only thing is.. while you are think if I am friendly or not in a reaction status, I am reacting first and shooting. I cheat with a varmint and head shot people when I go after someone who is hunting to steal their deer or fish I don’t make any announcements.. I am flying in and the moment I spot you and that white dot turns red I am shooting. There are times I do go to a spot where someone is hunting to hunt also but I send the person a message and ask them on the mic. I have had times where the person says ok and shot me on the spot. No big deal I just go to another spot. The thing I hate is when someone does the same announcement and would show up like they are hunting and just pop shot me. I learned the hard way but making them join the posse or telling then no will help reveal their intent. this is why I think the game needs to have certain icons instead of pink dots. To let everyone on the server know who has what intent. I have an outlaw icon. I can aim in on everyone. Honorable can only aim in on npc and players with outlaw icons to prevent douche bag players from trying to act honorable and then taking cheapshots at other honorable players
  12. Use the terrain to your advantage. I once popped 2 guys and their other 2 buddies joined the fight. I ran across a draw bridge and hid behind a rock on the other side. Using the draw bridge as a way to funnel them. After dropping them a few times for trying to cross they tried to flank me but I was able to get away. Try to get the high ground and cover.
  13. Whoa look out here comes the mama comments. I go around griefing people and I am telling you how to deal with them. I am telling you how to handle griefers but you’re so butt hurt about it that you just want to target and talk smack. I am sticking to the topic while you just want to bitch on how they play the game. *** I am done here..
  14. Lol I wouldn’t join your private lobby even if you were to invite me. I don’t was my time on snowflakes who can’t handle what they got themselves into and cries for changes. Maybe try minecraft? Or Cabela big game hunter?
  15. Aww a gathering of snow flakes.. just buck up and fight then off.. I target people who are in my path and have cross path with people who chase you around the map.. just fight back..
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