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  1. Eh, guess it's just maturity then? It is a PVP game, however, if I or my Posse is up to something that doesn't involve the PVP aspect and a "German 9 year old" comes and kicks out butts, we respond in kind until they quit, or get tired of dying. While we don't dig the impatient, "I am bored" mentality of what seems like so many these days, Rockstar doesn't seem interested in changing that part of their formula anytime soon, so we just "adjust fire."
  2. Welcome All, Grey Ghosts are a new PS4 group looking to Posse up with like-minded, mature, and consistent players. We are currently an Honorable Posse, but that could change drastically/in a heart beat. No babies, rage quitters, or grievers (the game has enough issues as a beta that causes enough grief when playing alone lol) so we don't encourage any of that. We do however, take the fight to any and all that decides to pester us, we then are usually relentless and successful enough that we usually remedy the issue by force. Most of the time, we just like to hop on for a bit, and enjoy the game. We don't really have an age restriction, but in leu of, us being older, a few of us are ex military/government employees, and some of us are parents, we would prefer each recruit or new member at least be 18. We do love diversity however, so everyone who joins, is welcome to the Gumbo Pot of culture/humor we have to offer... Each potential recruit is vetted, however to ensure we don't have any gaming issues or personality clashes, but we also do not have a drawn out recruitment process either. We are just a group of folks that wanna get on, enjoy the game, and not have to defend against every 9 year old posse coming to disturb whatever we are getting into. As it stands right now we got a solid group (6 of us) and all save for 2, are very solid PVPers. Should you join for that aspect alone you will find friends in this here. We don't have a serious structure set up but can implement one quickly if we need to. A few of us were leaders of Guilds/Clans of games long past, so we have the ability to adjust fire if we need to. We look forward to seeing you join us, feel free to message me here or in game. PSN: Jackyl7980
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