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  1. Thanks! Awesome, good luck with that. Story beats Online, agreed, but after some updates I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy Online just as much.
  2. We’re still in beta and it’s likely that we’re gonna get some information from Rockstar this week.
  3. There are multiple possible spawn locations for the moose: North of Annesburg, along the lake in Roanoke Valley. North West in Grizzlies East, on the top right side of the lake. Cairn Lake, North East in Grizzlies West. Along the Dakota River, South of Valentine. Tall Trees, pretty much the whole area. Hope that helps!
  4. Hi Mary! Story mode is huge, and thinking that a game like GTA V still has surprises for my brother that has played it ever since release, I think this game will have an insane longevity, especially considering they haven’t released any major updates/DLCs yet. Online is a bit grindy at the moment, yes, but I’ve found a posse to play with and we’re having so much fun just screwing around between missions. Hilarious and unexpected things can happen in games like these which compensates for the grinding. And hi! Happy new year to you as well. :)
  5. Howdy everyone, Padalex here. I’ve been playing RDR2 for 2 months now I think and have completed the story, on my second playthrough right now. I also play Online with some of my friends, but spend most of my time in single player until more Online content comes out. I am a down to earth person who talks about everything and I love game photography (and so happy that this game has a fully functional 19th century camera). My playstyle is varied, but I usually like to take my time and explore everything, else I feel like I got to backtrack all the time or even do everything over again to get the full experience. Looking forward to get to know some of you! (I’d say everyone, but that’s virtually impossible).
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