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  1. That is true, I too would like to see these glitches fixed & missions starting etc....but to me it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. these latest exploits are a lot worse than thedeer in the water while fishing( while in Beta) IMOPlayers will not see you as a hard worker with nice items, just.... "yeah they are glitching to get it"....just the way it makes me feel. I understand your point of view, I'd still likely see a deterrent as I've been playing from day 1 & some of these players could of only started a month ago & apart from level requirements , they could potentially have a lot more items than me at level 188, so when they fast rack levels, as there is more XP & Gold on offer than in Beta. It is also far easier & more rewarding to do the awards than when I completed the easier ones like bird kills, butcher's animal parts etc...hence the level fast tracking To me it makes a mockery of player's liike myself. Also with loads of items to come out Rockstar need to lay the law down , that future exploits will also unfortunately suffer a Rollback.
  2. Hi, I read a lot of posts on here but rarely write any, but I have been enraged by the recent major glitches( Cougar & Fish duplicating).That has been blighting us since the game came out of Beta. & Rockstar seems to have done nothing!! They can see by just looking on You Tube , what players are doing to make fast money,by these exploits. IMO these exploits are ruining the game for hard working grinders like myself , who save up to buy nice items, only to hear & see that fellow players are making huge sums of money,some in excess of $50,000 & buying everything they want. This will kill the integrity of the game, did Rockstar not learn anything from the GTA exploitations? Some Players are bragging that they are untraceable , as they are not a member of Rockstar's Social Club & have already spent their ill gotten gains, Hence the need for a rollback as a deterrent. I don't mind losing a few thousand dollars I have made to make a stand against this cheating. Rockstar need to act fast. We need an immediate rollback & if possible, severe penalties for those that repeat this in the future. What do you think?
  3. Which Mission? I have no Honor as I've been killing the cops to get my XP & am able to do any of the Story Missions. Or is this a stranger mission?
  4. I wrongly advised you to power down Xbox One by controller. This should be by holding in the power button on your Xbox One until it shuts down . after that, by disconnecting the power cord & wait 20 seconds. Power on your Xbox ( doesn't matter if this is by controller, console power button or audio command),. Sorry for my error, hope it helps anyone with glitches or issues, by clearing your temporary cache.
  5. I've cleared a few hideouts & the ratio Treasure maps to cleared Hideouts ain't good, but like cadashka I like the challenge of clearing some of the Hideouts. As a bonus, I have had 4 pamphlets too, they are worth over $400 each, so can be worth the effort.( not spurred many leaders). As for the glitches, R* told me to power down my Xbox via controller, disconnect power cord & wait 20 seconds & the reconnect & power on console( it's meant to clear your cache, so they say. It might help some of you , who are experiencing those issues & more in-game glitches & bugs.
  6. We all get griefed, they are the bain of the game. I feel your pain , it really gets to you when you are enjoying the game... They feed off your anger... I get annoyed when I'm grinding & lose all my pelts and carcass cos of these fools. The best way to get the better of them is to do & say nothing, take away their power & the sick choice of enjoyment. Hopefully R* will do something sooner than later. Until then I'd switch lobbies or join a story mission & chill out, then go into Free Roam.
  7. I 💖 my Trotter! Wouldn't change Del Boy for all the Tea in China!
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