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  1. On the roof at Bacchus Station. Very early morning. Flying around the trees at Horseshoe Overlook early Evening.
  2. I examined book while Hosea was watching me. Still does not trigger request. You want more Evidence Camp Requests are broken??
  3. Tilly request never triggers in chapter 2 even after dozen of games of dominoes
  4. I have not got any watches in my inventory
  5. Ive got Legend of the East Satchel. I think its to do with Dutch's pipe. Played about 25 hands of poker with Pearson still not had his request. But if go get naval compass from designated place and save and quit game. when I restart game Lo and behold symbol appears on Pearson to give him request.
  6. Hosea book never triggers. Standing next to him and reading Pearson request never triggers while playing Poker Tilly request never triggers. Playing Dominoes does not trigger Conclusion. Camp Request are Broken
  7. It was on desk. but game wonr let me pick it up. game says u cant carry any more of that item. Conclusion Camp Requests are broken.
  8. Lennie asked for me to get him a watch. log says to get watch for Lennie. I go to designated spot for. No watch. Conclusion Camp Requests are Broken. Three different games have the same problem
  9. They either don't trigger or not where the book says they are. I cant get 100% completion
  10. Thanks everyone for advice and help. Finally got my perfect Badger pelt at Carmody Dell. Thanks
  11. I need a perfect badger pelt. Can anyone tell me where to hunt Badgers.. Thanks
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