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  1. Animal spawns have truly been sucking the last month or so in general, but have been almost non-existent since this "winter wonderland" crap. I've noticed before this that when it was raining the animal spawns were reduced, could it be that R* forgot to change something somewhere and the game is "seeing" the snow as rain? I don't know, just a thought
  2. I'm with Dissention on this one. Easily got my 20 skins, but couldn't find a Prairie chicken to save my life. Colonel Sanders would fire me
  3. I found those Robins. North west of Annsburg on the curve of the Kansas river south of Brandywine drop. They spawn on the rocks in the evening between 5 an 8 pm. Carry your rifle, I've ran into some day time cougars there.
  4. The only moose I've ever seen was at Lake Isabella. Unfortunately, I was busy with a certain Arabian horse that likes to hang out up there. I did read another post today ( I think it was yours) about hunting on foot, which is what I was doing when I saw the first one. I've just been moving around on Hoofenstuff through the woods scanning with eagle eye and my binoculars. I'll try walking it tonight when I can get some game time in.
  5. I've looked and looked and can't find any moose or bison. I've got bison marked on my map south east of Valentine and I've cheated and read where to find the moose ( or are they meese when talking plural ), but I can't find them to save my life.
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