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  1. The first one is supposed to be at the Valentine train station. I've read someone said they found their first one in Rhodes. Someone also stated that the bounty posters have to be removed, so who knows?
  2. SPOILER>>>>> SPOILER>>>>> I just finished the Evelyn Miller mission in Tall Trees. I left the cabin burning and now there is nothing to do showing on the map. I mean, is that it? Is it game over?
  3. The legendary moose is to the far northeast. Travel Northeast on the road next to the RR tracks. As soon as you get the prompt on your screen saying there is a legendary animal in the area (just before you reach the water), look to the left using your hunting vision or detective mode or whatever..... you should see the first clue. This one was a little tricky to track.
  4. I know you had to hold "L" to heat the file over a candle, press "X" and he jabs it in the wound, rotate "L" and "R" for positioning the file. It should work since it's part of the main story. I've had glitches in a couple of side missions that wouldn't work.
  5. Maps and videos of dinosaur bones and stone carvings are a dime a dozen on YouTube, but I'd rather find them on my own. But how do you find them? Do you just stumble upon them or is there a hint to the locations?
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