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  1. Anyone have any open posses that are looking for people, none of my friends play this game and I wouldn’t mind getting the online trophies for this game. It would be much easier if I had others to play with. PSN is TimmyJ5
  2. So here I am 5 hours into gambler challenge 9 when I'm about to win my third game in a row at emerald station when all of a sudden bob just decides to not pick up the last 2 tiles... The man is having a brain aneurism it looks like. This challenge is actually starting to make me not enjoy this game anymore which is a shame because we all know how fun this game is, whoevers idea it was at rockstar to throw this challenge in deserves to be shot in the back with a varmint rifle, hog tied, then thrown in a murfee brood camp butt naked.
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