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  1. Finally got the owl. I just held down R1 the entire time and the compendium updted. Still didn't ee the prompt come up. I had to use the same technique on the Timber Wolf. I wounded one and chased it all over and just held R1 down while I tried to get it in my binoculars. It didn't look to take as loing to study these two animals as all of the others. More like an instant updte as I passed the binoculrs over the animal.
  2. It just does not come up. It just shows up almost on top of you and then by the time you turn around, get it in the binos and zoomed all of the way, it is heading into the distance. There never seems to be time to lock on much less take the time to study. It never seems to land and ignores any carcasses I leave near by.
  3. I had the same thing happen. Irritating.
  4. Having a heck of a time studying this this bird. Last one I need. Found one quickly, but study would not come up so I shot it before it got out of range. There are approx 6 spots north of Tumblweed that I have identified as locations others have found them. Went to another location and found one, but study again would not come up when I had binoculars on it. Is there a location wehre this bird is on the ground? This is the fourth animal that I have hunted that Rockstar has made seemingly redicuously hard to aquire. Thanks.
  5. Yes, all of Arthur's valubles in his satchl transfer over. This includes gold bars, nuggets, loot, etc. All of the cash is lost. You lose consumables like plants, cookable meat, cooked meat, tonics, etc. I had custom outfits that they showed transferred, but when I tried to use them, they all loaded as Johns standard outfit. I had to rebuild them. All purchased, stolen, found, crafted clothes transferred. You don't get everything back right away. You have to go through the epilogues.
  6. You can finish anything you did not complete. Since you cannot access New Austin as Arthur and there are items only found there, you have to wait until John to get them.
  7. I have crafted all of the trinkets and talismans, have the farm, field, and falconry book, ancient arrowhead and the owl trinket, yet still have an undiscovered perk in the player general list. I have the standard copy, so I know there are 2 in the other versions. It is not those. Anyone know what the last perk is? It is the last one in the list. I have not completed the Gambler, Horseman or Sharpshooter challenges. I cannot find a complete list of the perks. Only references to the trinkets and talismans.
  8. All I know is that I have used Express ammo, made the head shot with dead eye and an animal that was 3 stars ended up being a good, not perfect, hide. Yes, I he seen the guide. Does not occur all of the time, but happened enough times to make me only use regular ammo on smaller animals at the bottom of the repeater list.
  9. For gators I use the bow with improved arrows or shotgun with slugs. One shot kills to the head. If you shoot them more than once, it downgrades them. I have also found that using express or HV ammo will downgrade a kill on some animals. There is a guide on the best weapon and ammo combo to use for the type of animal
  10. Rango


    I stand corrected. I never found them in the grasslands myself.
  11. Rango


    Robns do not flock. They will be singular birds sitting on rocks. As are Cardinals, Blue Jays, and others. Just keep going up and down the Dakota from the lake to the falls. Mark the spots you find them as they tend to spawn in the same place. Be fast because they tend to fly off quickly as soon as you see them in the binos or scope. This was one of the most time consuming challenges to date. Don't think I could have completed getting them without the trinket. Muskrats, Opossums, and Skunks were equally a pain to collect.
  12. I never realized you had to discover them. I guess I just stumbled onto all of the others
  13. I have had this happen. I got a message that popped up that the shopkeeper is scared and wil return when he is better. Go do something for a few in game days. They will come back, but will be really surly with you.
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