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  1. Hi to all my friends! Unfortunately I can't find people who want to play with me, I have a ps4 and I need company, who would like to join with me to do Gun Rush? So towards the last minutes of the game we don't kill each other and take a good part at every game. You can send me a friend request on PSN, I wrote my gametag in the description of my RDR2.org profile. Who kindly wants to play with me in the next few hours to always make a lot of money? let me know here.
  2. Hello there ! I’m new in this forum and I decided to ask some questions about Red Dead series and especially the new multiplayer game of Rockstar Games, Red Dead Online. After much months, I still seeing that this online is still in beta. From how i seeing, this is a fake beta, why ? Because here we can have evidences like the virtual shop, is very strange to see a virtual shop that working in a beta. This game have a lot of bugs or informatic errors. I hate how Rockstar think more about GTA Online than Red Dead Online and I hate especially when Rockstar think just to release pvp modes instead of release more free roam contents. I can’t explain better about all problems of Red Dead Online but I can say that this online is released bad and Rockstar found the excuse of the beta. I don’t have words. And you ? What do you think about Red Dead Online ? If you want, you can answer me !
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