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  1. haha me too man! i even like the non western ones he did with bud spencer.
  2. i am getting ready to embark on another voyage in search of the end of the map. i am thinking west or northwest this time. i am also thinking of a few experiments while i am out there. on my previous journeys i have seen this: two suns: searching for the end: do you fine folks have any ideas for this voyage?
  3. well the river eventually leads to the open ocean, but you have to go to guarma first. loading guarma in while you are still in the regular map will cause guarma's water to run into the river, allowing you to ride boats without sinking. the rivers have instant sink points everywhere. for some reason, you won't sink on guarma water. this also floods mexico and new austin, which looks pretty cool. anyway, if i had any videos about it, my name would probably help someone find them. about the dlc, haha ya i'm still waiting for that gtav dlc man. to the left of arthur is the path to the ocean flooded mexico honorable arthur and spirit animal i have a few other pics in the screenshot thread too. thanks for reading.
  4. guarma arthur and cougar arthur and wolf:
  5. my arthur has seen many things, here is a flooded mexico: after 100% and every animal to the trapper, pearson, points of interest, etc. the only interesting things left are in guarma and outside the map.
  6. from your picture, it looks like you are in one of the areas in guarma where mexico is loading in too, probably a little west of bahia de la paz. guarma has some cool areas, but i am talking completely out of map, open ocean. like this: that is the boat sinking this is falling clear of the boat this is beginning to drift this is where arthur starts to move out of screen. finally, here is some upside down lightning:
  7. i haven't seen many people boating on the ocean. there is a huge ocean area outside of the map. if you go any direction for about an hour and a half, your boat will sink and you will separate from your boat. if you do it right, you will fall away from your boat instead of hitting it and dying. at this point, you are floating under the map. visually, it looks like you are getting pushed back, but if you put a marker or waypoint, you can see that you can still float further. after floating for a little over four hours, your character will begin to float away from you until he is no longer visible. using the mini map, you can still see your character moving. in fact, at this point your character will continue to move without any help. after about three days of that, about the only cool thing i noticed is the lightning begins to strike upside down and the storms look pretty cool. the other interesting thing i found is when you get close to where your boat will sink, there appears to be a strange reflection of the sun and moon. at times it looks like a second sun. i think that guarma may have it's own sun and moon. i have seen some cool videos on this, but i don't think i can recommend them here because i made them. let me know if any of you have done this and your thoughts.
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