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  1. Just use a shotgun......take the head clean off?
  2. Also to keep your horse clean, brush your horse often and if your near a river or lake....take him for a swim?
  3. Well then....carry on with your journey....but if it took you 12 real time hours to accomplish your goal, maybe you should do a little research on the proper way of doing it right? It never took me more than a hour maybe 2 at best to get a perfect pelt. Buy the way I did not quote your statement, but just stating that sometimes you have to work for it.
  4. You have to farm for that perfect pelt, and it should be that way.....if you got a perfect pelt on everything you killed, hunting wouldn't be important part of the game and it would effect the immersion aspect?
  5. Nice and bold, for everyone to see.....I change my mind all the time....but I keep it to myself ?
  6. Well for me its up there in the top 3 for me, I still think Witcher 3 is the best game ever made. RDR2 is a blast to play and I will be playing this one for a long time.
  7. Mehhh….I still would love to see a DLC that takes place in Mexico, bout the size of Witcher 3 blood & wine.
  8. Yep....unfinished business somewhere , its the only thing that I can think of?
  9. ?...That's like finding a needle in a haystack.
  10. What ever floats your boat....cowpuncher?
  11. Not to mention there is gold bars scattered throughout the world.....at the midway of the game you will have more money then you will ever need?🤑
  12. I wouldn't think so....considering the fences are the black market? Personally I would not spend all that time raising bond levels for every horse you steal?
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