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  1. Hi guys thats an urgent question, how long are we able to preorder RedDead2?? I am worried that it couldnt be possible to preorder the game, if ther are only 3-2 weeks left till release! Pls help
  2. Agreed. The nightmare update is very possible in my opinion
  3. @YodaMan 3D Dude even in times of flying Motorbikes they still have to take care of some rules. Why do you think did they created the map of RDR2 so wonderful full of liver and interactions? Because of the FEELING, the game director himself said, that he wants to create a map with so wonderful places so u nerly forget its a game! They would never destroy that years of hard work just to earn some extra dollars for a frickin Laser-revolver or such sh*t.
  4. I have an idea! What if u could get a personalized wagon in the train? We all know that the map of RedDead2 will be even bigger than GTAVs and a horse isnt the fastest way to cross the country. So we will probably use the train quite often (R* already approved that the train is usable for travelling) How cool would it be to hang around in a privat wagon with different styles?! To chill with some friends in online without having trouble?! Also i hope theres no animation or something like that when driving, would be better if you could run around and do some stoff inside (like robbing people? :-)
  5. But thats the point! In the wild west isnt much that can be bought! I mean, cars arent really possoble, because they are damn slow and wouldnt make sense at all. I mean, why buying a expensive and uncomfortable car when u can get a horse! The theory of a personal train wagon is nice! But they cleared out that the MAIN focus was and is the singleplayer so i dont think that rdr online will have much content as GTA
  6. Thanks for your feedback. I know i should play the games before i rate them, but trust me, i watched a lot gameplay/reviews/news and so on and im sure my knowledge is enough to judge about GTA. (I also listened to many opinions of friends and youtubers or game-magazines) Btw i the end of the last rdr2 trailer they spoiler the topics of the next gameplay video (wich will be released at september 26th i think). And of of course R* isnt stupid, but the publisher Take2 is very money-focused. Thx for response.
  7. Im so hyped for the game as my first R* Open World Expirence. But im also worried that TAKE2 and R* will make the Online Mode painful to play. If you look at GTAV Online u know what i mean. If there will be no Singleplayer DLC's i wouldn't really care because i think the Singleplayer will be even great without any Expansions. But the multiplayer is highly in danger to be fluted with overprized DLCs and becoming a cashgrab mashine. ('Overpriced' means ingame momey) The publisher knows that everyone is hyped so they dont need to release much infos about the way how they will handle DLC and microtransactions in RedDead2. And we all know what happened to GTAonline. It went from a cool Thug Live Simulator to a cringy lifestyle sandbox minigame mode with flying motorbikes, OP Weapons and unrealistic vehicles. Our luck is that the Developer dont have the opportunity to impliment unrealistic things in Rdr2 cause the setting wont allow this. But they will always find a way to take more money from us. So, my questions are: 1. Do u share my opinions to online mode? 2.is there any more info about the question if they want to bring microtransactions etc. In the game? 3. Will there be a First person mode? 4. Will the Online mode be released at Day1 or later? I hope i didnt make too much grammar mistakes :[
  8. Idk what to say i never played GTA or RDR but the world of rdr2 seems to be veery interesting, i also started watching Lets plays of the older Red Dead. Im german so my English is not the best so pls have mercy when i missunderstood something or just wrote diwn some bullsh*t.
  9. Yes of course. They can focus more on the story of Arthur and make it hopefully better in that way
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