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  1. I wont play RDR anymore if they make free roam lobbies permanently small... its ********. I barely do free roam anymore. Its single player with no good storyline..... what’s the point. Shootout series is only thing worth playing now.
  2. I started playing RDR2 online again after the last content update in August. I don’t like empty sessions. It’s a story mode with continuous new content. If I wanted that, I’d play Story Mode. Free roam with full sessions makes game more alive (and no, I’m not a douche bag free roam PVPer).
  3. Um, since the patch, any session i join only has 5 - 10 players tops. Even if i turn off social matchmaking in Online options.....
  4. Why did you reduce the animal spawn rate? Its now a barren wasteland... BUT! Complete with the sounds of phantom birds and crickets!! Stay tuned folks, coming up next. Guns can now misfire 45% of the time! Also to be clear. It seems all over. I joined several different free roam instances to rule out it wasn’t isolated. I wandered around new Hanover for good 1 hour ( day and night) and found 2 deer. That’s it, Eagle eye gave me jack too.
  5. Horse revive doesn’t work.... sometimes missions wont START. And then the lagggg ****ing butt sag... WTF is RDRO going to be PLAYABLE???!?!?!?!?!?!
  6. They fixed this in the last big update. Turning in mission < 30 seconds left doesn’t yield double exp / cash
  7. Grieving will be reduced significantly if they ADD MORE CONTENT TO THE GAME Oh hey, R* , here’s ideas Permanent hideouts that have respawns. I don’t care if its treadmill. Griefing is ****** without a treadmill. Add some grinding besides animals. Sieges/raids - The forts and prison island... cmon, that could be static raiding area. A permanent king of castle or something. Or PVE ‘dungeon’ where you can grind level up,get treasure maps, etc....
  8. Yeah its technically not an MMO but follows similar game mechanics. The types of bugs and glitches still around are server-side, meaning either their server architecture isn’t built properly, or RDR2 gaming engine code wasn’t made for open world online interaction. I’m thinking the latter, seeing story mode is one of the best ever developed , in history of single player games. RDR2 O went open beta Q3/Q4 2018 , so its been close to a year
  9. C* really needs lesson in MMOs. Hire some developers who know how to program MMO architecture. RDR2 online been out for almost a year and still is in beta.... (yes not technically. But by most standards, it is)
  10. Does anyone know? How many players are in free roam instance. Just curious
  11. They need to allow us to filter certain maps in PVP matches. Tall trees absolutely blows and all the loading time to find out its that map, just pisses me off.
  12. C’mon Rockstar... I know you’ve watched Deadwood. Might as well be thorough :)
  13. They really blow at communication. They could put simple message in the game menu like they did for this “new patch”
  14. They need to fix critical bugs ASAP. Like the fact that a mission will suddenly drop/disappear during the mission for no reason. No failed message, nothing. The waypoint/. Trackers literally ghost. Also, some of the new mission NPCs you can accept a mission and nothing happens. It doesn’t start and then you cannot access. There are some other glitches i’ve Seen but these ones require Rockstars immediate attention!!!!!!!!!
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