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  1. I turned it on for gta rewards awhile back now I can’t ever access my rockstar account because no “authenticator app” seems to work on my iPhone. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  2. I think u may be right good sir, though every poster I come across they all only have one $
  3. I finally got some xp for doing a bounty, it was the daily challenge "get a bounty from lemoyne", moved to level 2 finally and thought cool I'm getting experience again. My experience was at 493, did another bounty right after, experience still at 493. what the heck mon??
  4. Ive done 3 straight bounty hunter missions, 2 alive one dead, all turned in on time and I haven't received any xp. I'm still stuck at level 1 with 1918xp. I am getting gold though. Am I the only one?
  5. For me it’s been from the dailies my streak is at 57 days so I’ve been gettin’ 1 gb per daily and have completed all 7 to get 10gbs at least 10 times over the last 3 weeks with the boost
  6. That’s an awesome money count, I’m guessing u are good at saving and don’t own too much or know a glitch lol
  7. You ain’t lying- I think I spent about 15k upgrading the 23, did the camp updates awhile back when they were discounted, I’m waiting on a 10/10 horse to get a fifth stable. That’s an awesome money count!
  8. Just curious where everyone is at going into the new update. Cheers for upcoming good times. rank 207 gb’s. 340 $$. 12,500+ 23 fully powered up ability/dead eye cards(looking forward to new ones and upgrades)
  9. Tired of griefers? So am I. Let’s regulate- griefers diminish our community looking for ballers that want to have fun and enjoy the game but also destroy those that bully newbies, I want to see our community grow- who’s down? My gamer tag is Earths Flat, yes I truly believe that with all my heart, my posse is “Regulators”. Let’s regulate and most importantly, let’s have fun. I’m rank 165 rn.
  10. never said it was, there's a lot of people that still don't know a lot of things and I'm just trying to let the masses know. just because you and a fe friends know doesn't mean everyone else does. I'm just trying to help those that don't know so they don't waste their time on you tube click baiters like "outlaw Gary". my bad for trying to help. to those that don't know and there are many, this is a new revelation. you think im expecting some reward or trophy, you're too funny, cheers to your 150.
  11. you can execute 10 cops in one minute if you're good with the sticks, that's 250xp per minute multiply that by 40 minutes (to make a long estimate of the total respawn times from when you get killed meaning im giving 20 min. for that) and that's 10,000 xp per hour-YOU CANT BEAT IT, try it- it's a fun monotony-the animations are cool and there are several different ones depending on how you approach.
  12. not to seem like a prick but yea, I was just sharing it because I honestly think it's quicker than the majority (if not all) the methods ive seen on you tube
  13. It builds strength, I maxed it out in no time, I was level 26 15 days ago, I'm now level 65
  14. Just wondering, I haven't noticed if so.
  15. Right on, hopefully you're on xbox join my game or send me an invite to yours next time you're on.
  16. if the title of the thread had read "what's y'alls fastest way to level up" or "how do y'all like to level up" then yes
  17. I'd like to race you on that, I'm pretty sure I could get just as many xp executing fools in the amount of time it takes to run that mission, plus you got the cool down and you've got to have someone else to do it with which isn't always easy so I wouldn't say that's the "absolutely fastest way to level up" I'm not even claiming executing people is the "fastest way" I'm just saying its the fastest way I've found. Hit me up if you're on xbox I really would like to see how many kills I can get in the time it takes you to do the mission, just something interesting to note.
  18. to all those that said "I just like to play the game" cheers to you, this thread wasn't for you. I was just throwing this out there for those that want to level up quick and they are out there hence all the youtube videos on the subject. you're not going to get more than 25xp per kill doing anything else and executing them is such a stress relief and the animations are pretty cool. standing in a town shooting people over and over I would find boring myself plus you don't get as many xp.
  19. Go to St.Dennis and kill someone to get the cops on you. Once the cops start coming pull out your knife and start executing them. For every knife kill you get 25pts., 5 for kill, 10 for melee and 10 for execution. You should get at least 5-10 before you're killed more as you get better and then start over, it adds up quit. Not only do you get the 25 pts. per kill but your knocking out your melee and execution belt buckle objectives. Of course you incur lower honor and a bounty but it's worth it for the leveling up and its pretty easy to get your honor back if you're wanting to be honorable. If you don't want to incur a bounty you can go to Thieves Landing. You've got to be quick cause once you start everyone in town starts shooting you. You should get 3-5 before you're killed.
  20. Meaning do different gun belts offer slower deterioration rate like they do in campaign? Thanks!
  21. Yea man, I had done all boards at least 3xs b4 this week and yes you can pick the mission from the menu. Don't forget you'll also get $75 within 24hrs when you finish "Kill 'em all each and every one". You might need to be in a posse to get the rewards I thought I read that but no big deal, you can be in a posse by yourself as I was and still get paid. If you have a posse load in to be safe if not give it a try if no rewards within 24 hours you'll definitely need to be in a posse.
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